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August 11, 2011

Is Doug Funnie A Racist?

This is the question that political organization "Why The F*ck Does Doug Funnie Only Mack On White Chicks?" poses in their mission statement. As today is the twentieth anniversary of the seminal Nickelodeon series, and therefore a great deal of praise is being heaped on Mr. Funnie and company, we figured we'd let the other side speak.

8 Awesome Twitter Exchanges From Movie History

Fantastic artist Timo Meyer has put together a series of illustrations of Twitter exchanges from classic movies. These are awesome.

Stephen Colbert Releases Erotic Corn Commercial

He's getting all up in Rick Perry's niblets. Another ad from the Colbert Super PAC attempting to sabotage Rick Perry in the Ames Straw Poll. Remember, Iowa...that's Rick Parry with an "A."

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