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August 15, 2011

Diamond "Eye Jewelry"

Dammit Japan India? Is that a twinkle in your eye or are you just $15,000 poorer due to cosmetic contacts?

President Obama's New Debt Plan: Kickstarter

"I know normally Kickstarter is for bad web series ideas and ugly art projects. Like a horse made out of wires or something." This might not work, but at least it made me laugh.

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Fly

Today is the 25th Anniversary of David Cronenberg's The Fly. Or as it is sometimes known, that awesome movie where Jeff Goldblum turns himself into a fly. Here are 10 things you may not know about it.

Troll Family Is Trollin'

Warning: Never tell your family to stay out of your room. Especially when you won't be able to check on them for a month.

John Wayne's Laugh-In Thank You Letter Is Awesome

This is great. Rowan and Martin were comic geniuses and they didn't let their genius stop when their show wasn't filming. This is their thank you letter to John Wayne for appearing on the show.

Dubstep Lyrics Are Hilarious

I'm no doctor, but I probably wouldn't watch these if I had epilepsy. It's like the title sequence to Enter The Void only hysterical.

Exclusive: Amanda Palmer And Reggie Watts Sing About Doctor Who

Hey, check it - Amanda Palmer and Reggie Watts sang this little ditty about how much they love the Doctor. Because they are nerds. But also because they are awesome. This is an outtake from the Doctor Who Specials that BBC America are releasing in anticipation of the new episodes that air in a couple of weeks. (The next special airs on BBC America this Saturday, August 20th, at 9/8c.)

Greatest Invention Ever: Ice Soap

So if you've been on reddit today you've probably seen a host of jokes about "ice soap." Well don't let those jokes fool you. Ice soap or "the shower to go" is a brilliant creation. What follows is the original step-by-step process for creating your own ice soap.

Best Hostel Ad Ever

If I ever find myself in Australia, I know where I'll be staying. I mean they have a TV room! And apparently explosions!

Anders Breivik Returns To The Scene Of The Crime

Disturbing. In order to better reconstruct his horrific shooting spree, Oslo authorities returned Anders Breivik to Utoya Island. A police spokesman later said Breivik showed no remorse as he detailed his cold-blooded execution of 69 people, mostly teenagers.

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