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August 15, 2011

Washington DC Restaurant Requires You To Sign A Contract When You Make A Reservation

Thank to our friends at EaterDC for pointing us to this two-page contract that all diners must sign when making reservations at DC's new restaurant, Rogue 24. The contract includes cell phone and camera bans as well as an insanely steep late cancellation fee. What do you guys think? Fair? Ridiculous?

The Best Of Jumping Dogs

As an homage to photographer Elliott Erwitt, who famously photographed a floating pooch, NPR asked listeners to submit photos of their own dogs in mid-flight. NPR listeners, unsurprisingly, are fans of gauzy iPhone filters.

Greatest Invention Ever: Ice Soap

So if you've been on reddit today you've probably seen a host of jokes about "ice soap." Well don't let those jokes fool you. Ice soap or "the shower to go" is a brilliant creation. What follows is the original step-by-step process for creating your own ice soap.

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