Photographic Evidence Of Insidious Moose Invasion

They’re everywhere! Bullwinkle, why would you turn on us like this?

1. They Attack By Land…

3. And Even Attempt By Air Despite Never Completing Their Pilot Licenses.

4. Caught Inciting Rage Via Traffic Jam…

5. …Taking The Best Parking Spaces…

6. And “Keying” Cars At The Local Mall.

7. Evading Police With Cat-like Reflexes…

8. And Then Using Police Brutality

9. Converting Humans Into Mindless Drones!

10. Training For Submersible Missions

11. Submersible Mission For Beginners

12. Not Obeying Sidewalk Laws

13. Posing As Helpful Officials

14. Seen Here In A Diplomatic Mission To Recruit LOLCats

15. Testing Ground For New Low Gravity Boots Created By Top Moose Engineers

16. Covert Ops Attempting To Infiltrate Our Workforce

17. Engineers Taking Out The 3G Network.

18. Defiling Our Sacred Landmarks

19. Showing Our Children Their “Cute And Fuzzy” Propaganda

20. Chasing Trained Specialists Out Of Their Base Of Operations

21. All While Mocking Us

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