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June 12, 2017

21 Funny Tweets Aimed Specifically At Anyone Who’s Ever Had A Period

"I just want to jump as high as the girls in the tampon commercials."

Este es el cartón de Javier Duarte que ha ofendido a Guatemala

El autor es el caricaturista Alarcón, de El Heraldo de México.

Is This Racist?

To protect and serve and tell you that's not a good look.

Woman Who Urged Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself Became “Delusional” Because Of Antidepressants: Psychiatrist

A controversial psychiatrist on Monday testified Michelle Carter was “involuntarily intoxicated” by antidepressants when she sent text messages to her boyfriend urging him to kill himself.

¿Qué tan mamón eres con la comida?

¿Le entras a todo o eres más bien "piqui"?

This Grilled Lemonade Will Take Your Barbecue To The Next Level

You'll never want regular lemonade again.

This Boy Lost His Instrument And His Teacher Still Made Him Perform

He had to play the "air recorder" for over an hour!

O que você precisa saber sobre o novo Xbox

O menor Xbox de todos chega às lojas em novembro e nos EUA custará 499 dólares. Mas, como o Playstation Pro, ele é praticamente uma atualização de hardware.

This Man Started A Racist Attack At A Starbucks

This man started a racist attack after a black man spilled coffee on him at Starbucks.

Um artista sírio pintou líderes mundiais como se fossem refugiados

"Talvez eles descubram como é sentir-se vulnerável", disse Abdalla Al Omari, que fugiu da guerra civil e conseguiu refúgio na Bélgica.

He Said, He Said: Trump Vs. Comey

He said, he said: Trump just accused James Comey of lying. Then the ex-FBI director accused the president of lying.

This Cat Had A Quinceañera For Her 15th Birthday

"Luna got a lot of attention and she was the star of the night."

These Two Women Had A Disney-Themed Wedding And It's Adorable

These two women had a Disney-themed wedding and it's adorable.

Here's What Forever 21's New Bridesmaid Dresses Look Like IRL

Spoiler alert: You might just want to keep these after the wedding.

Esta heladería aparentemente solo contrata empleados de "piel blanca" y la gente está furiosa

Denuncian a este establecimiento en Venezuela por discriminar al trabajador.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Puerto Rico's Statehood Vote

Puerto Ricans voted on Sunday in favor of becoming the 51st state. But Congress still gets the final say.

France Backs Theresa May’s Plan To Crack Down On Tech Firms Like Facebook And Google

Prime minister Theresa May is due to meet French president Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday.

10 Photos That Perfectly Capture Being A Man With Depression

“There’s always someone you could talk to. Often closer than you think.”

Presenteie-se com este delicioso macarrão com frango e molho de ervas

"Macarrão nos traz uma felicidade que é única" - Bob Marley

21 Times Gal Gadot And Chris Pine Made Your Heart Burst A Little

Not a couple, but a couple of cute pals.

Which Disney Princess Are You, Really?

The newest in Disney Princess quiz technology. Now including Frozen and Moana!

Esta niña de Nayarit buscando a su perrito con dibujos te va a romper el corazón

La pequeña tuvo la iniciativa de hacer letreros a mano y pegarlos por toda su colonia.

​The Words​ “Climate Change” ​Have Been Scrubbed From The Interior Department's Website About...Tribal Climate Programs

The Bureau of Indian Affairs deleted mentions of climate change from the Tribal Climate Resilience Programs website, and has proposed cutting $10 million marked to help tribal nations adapt to climate change.

裁判所が認めた「20年前の口約束」 大学教員の雇い止め「無効」判決


一人の加害者の陰には380人の被害者が  性犯罪は防げるのか


Homem que filmou tatuagem na testa de adolescente já foi condenado por roubo

Ronildo Moreira da Araújo, que gravou vizinho marcando "eu sou ladrão e vacilão" na testa do jovem R., de 17 anos, respondeu na Justiça após ser pego em flagrante roubando uma bolsa.

Estos veteranos de EEUU sirvieron a su país, pero eso no impidió que fueran deportados

Veteranos militares de EE.UU., que no son ciudadanos, enfrentan la deportación si son condenados por delitos de diferentes categorías. Ahora algunos legisladores están tratando de cambiar eso y piensan que Trump es el hombre para hacerlo.

40 Of The Most Instagrammable Food Spots In LA

*Snaps 50 pictures in multiple angles*

This Guy Is Showing How Far He'll Go For A Photo, And People Are Stunned By The Result

"This picture made me stop cold while scrolling through Twitter. Striking. Beautiful. Haunting."

20 Photos That Will Fill Servers With White-Hot Rage

*Stands up and leaves* —every server in the world

A Lawyer For Inauguration Arrestees Just Dropped A Lawsuit Against The Police, But Vows To Refile

A lawyer who sued police alleging they used excessive force on Inauguration Day dropped the case on Monday without explanation. He told BuzzFeed News he plans to refile at a later date, but wouldn't comment on why he dropped it now or when he'd refile.

This Invention Is The Only Thing That Can Make Childbirth Worse Than It Already Is

Plus, six other fun facts you definitely didn't already know.

Trolls Tricked Conservatives Into Holding A Massive Rally To Defend A Texas Monument

Several hundred people rallied in Houston, ready to battle and defend the Sam Houston monument. Turns out, they got hoaxed.

Ben Platt's Tonys Acceptance Speech Was Incredibly Inspirational

"Don't waste any time trying to be like anybody but yourself."

17 Awesome Facts About "Wonder Woman" That You Probably Didn't Know

Umm, that no-man's-land scene almost didn't make the cut.

No, Canada Will Not Take Your Child Away If You Disagree With Their Gender Identity

Ontario's Bill 89 does add protections for children in care, but the government says it will not have unfettered power to take kids away from their parents.

Que Ursinho Carinhoso te representa no Dia dos Namorados?

Será que você é o ursinho que todo mundo dá like, mas ninguém chama pra sair? Post baseado nos tuítes do @naoinviabilize.

18 Words Forever Ruined For Restaurant Workers

Substitutions: the bane of your existence.

Labour MPs Who Didn't Expect To Win Are Wandering Around Parliament In A Daze

"I entirely expected to lose it," one shellshocked newly elected politician told BuzzFeed News.

Revealed: Explosive Evidence Of A Russian Assassination On British Soil That The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read

When a financier dropped dead in Britain shortly after exposing a vast Russian crime, police said it was not suspicious. But with his inquest now underway, BuzzFeed News has uncovered explosive evidence of a suspected Kremlin assassination plot – and a secret assignation in Paris on the eve of his death – that the British authorities have sidelined.

Bom, pelo menos alguém do elenco de "HIMYM" concorda que aquele final não foi legal

AVISO: Este post contém spoilers sobre o pior final de série de TV de todos os tempos.

America Is Flooded With Cage-Free Eggs, But People Aren't Buying Them

Egg producers are losing money at current prices, according to one of the industry's biggest players.

99 Memes de 'MasterChef Junior' que deberían ser enmarcados para la posteridad

Porque el programa terminó, pero los memes son para siempre.

17 Smart Father's Day Gifts For Your Tech-Obsessed Dad

These are gifts for the 21st century dad.

Lésbicas: estereótipos x realidade

Ninguém é o "homem" em uma relação lésbica. Alerta de spoiler: ambas são mulheres.

Take This Totally Innocent Word Test And We’ll Reveal Your New Favorite Curse Word

Because sometimes you just gotta say, "What the fudge?"

Trump's Interior Secretary Recommends Shrinking Obama's Controversial National Monument

A report from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recommends revising the boundary of President Obama's 1.35 million-acre Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.

21 coisas que muitos homens gays de vinte e poucos anos enfrentam na vida amorosa

Por exemplo, o armário AINDA é muito real para muitas pessoas.

Tory MPs Are Backing Theresa May And Insist There Won't Be Another Election

Conservative politicians told BuzzFeed News they fear they would lose another general election and that a leadership challenge would derail Brexit – so Theresa May is staying as prime minister.

Impulsive Shoppers Try Spending Only $50 In A Week

Will they save their money or waste it?

15 Conversations You Have With Your Own Brain

What do you have in store for me this time, me?

Trump Faces Another Lawsuit Over The Fact That He Still Has Interests In His Businesses

President Trump is facing another lawsuit, this time filed by the Democratic attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia, claiming that his ongoing interests in his businesses violate the Constitution.

J.K. Rowling fez uma ótima observação sobre as palavras usadas para criticar as mulheres na política

"Se você não consegue discordar de uma mulher sem recorrer a todos esses insultos velhos e sujos, que se dane você e sua política."

Se não for para namorar assim, nem vale a pena

Atualize agora mesmo suas metas de relacionamento.

In The Trump Era, These Elections May Matter The Most

For years the Democratic and Republican campaign arms of attorneys general had a kind of truce to not go after incumbents. That truce is over.

Montana's New Congressman Has Been Sentenced To Community Service For Body-Slamming A Reporter

Greg Gianforte will also have to complete 20 hours of anger management training.

After Six Years, Big Banks Have Their Answer To Venmo

Zelle promises instant transfers between accounts at many of the country's biggest banks.

How Much Do You Actually Remember About 2012?

It was only five years ago.

12 Fucking Annoying Situations That Scottish People Know All Too Well

"Where are you from?" "Scotland." "OMG NO WAY OCH AYE THE NOO JIMMY HA HA."

23 Ways To Keep Your Terrible Roommates From Ruining Your Stuff

How to make it 'til you can afford your own place.

Aprenda a fazer o autêntico pastel de Belém

Um clássico da culinária portuguesa.

Are You Actually Good In Bed?

Are you an A+ between the sheets?

93% Of Top Celebrity Instagram Ads Aren’t Properly Disclosed

According to a new report that looked at how many ads the top 50 Instagram celebrities do, and how many don’t actually say #ad.

What's The Best Book To Give For Father's Day?

Books are a great gift for Dad.

The Best Of The Worst Are Back To Brawl On MTV’s "The Challenge"

Watch the trailer for The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30, only on BuzzFeed!

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a back and neck massager, tool set, stemless wine glasses, and more!

The Uber Executive Who Suggested Digging Up Dirt On Critics Has Left The Company

Emil Michael was one of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's closest confidants.

333 Weight Loss Tips That You'll Wish You Read Sooner

Totally doable advice from nutritionists, personal trainers, and people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off.

Sponsors Withdrew Funding From "Julius Caesar" For Depicting A Trump Lookalike's Assassination

Delta Air Lines and Bank of America withdrew funding of the William Shakespeare play currently showing in New York City.

"Ele não olha no espelho", diz tio de adolescente tatuado na testa

Vaquinha para pagar remoção da tatuagem e tratamento contra dependência química arrecadou quase R$ 20 mil em dois dias.

12 BuzzFeed Quizzes To Take If You Were Born In The Wrong Era

Just a little something while you're waiting for the invention of the time machine.

¿Qué tan exigente es tu paladar?

Advertencia: Este listado te dejará hambriento o con muchas náuseas.

17 Momentos que toda mujer ha experimentado mientras se masturba

Cuando no tienes nada mejor que hacer que acumular orgasmos múltiples ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

21 Ridiculously Clever Mugs That Are 100% Funnier Than You

I take my coffee with milk, sugar, and a splash of humor. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

Saiba como ativar a reação do orgulho LGBTQ no Facebook

Agora temos: Curtir, Amei, Orgulho, Haha, Uau, Triste e Grr!

10 coisas que acontecem quando você é o único da turma que não bebe

Tudo bem ir pro bar com o pessoal. Mas precisa ter COMIDA.

Pourquoi l’ordre des avocats de Chartres n’a-t-il rien fait contre ce confrère accusé d’agressions sexuelles?

Des dizaines de femmes, collaboratrices, employées ou clientes, disent avoir été harcelées, agressées sexuellement et même dans un cas violée par un avocat, sur une période de 20 ans. Malgré de multiples alertes pendant ces années, l’ordre des avocats de Chartres n’a jamais enquêté.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Nordstrom, American Eagle, ApolloBox, and more!

14 People Who Are 100% Right About Pizza Toppings

If you don't like Hawaiian don't talk to me.

The Head Of The EPA Went To A Climate Conference In Italy But Left Early

At a recent meeting for top environmental officials in Italy, everyone wanted to talk about the Paris climate agreement — except the EPA’s Scott Pruitt.

21 Amazingly Geeky Cases To Protect Your Phone

Your phone deserves to be a nerd too!

Live Updates: Trump's Lawyer Says The President Is Not Being Investigated (Despite His Tweet)

This week at the White House: the Russia investigation continues to haunt the president, after his attorney general testifies before Congress.

20 atemberaubende Bilder des Kosmos

Das Hubble-Weltraumteleskop zeigt uns das Universum von seinen schönsten Seiten.

How Many Iconic '00s And '10s Horror Movies Have You Actually Seen?

There's been a lot of great horror in recent years.

27 Problemas que solo entenderás si eras una niña fresa en los dosmiles

Ugh, ¿dónde está mi bolsa Louis Vuitton falsa?

Production Has Been Shut Down On "Bachelor In Paradise" Because Of A Reported Sexual Incident

Warner Bros., which produces the series, has described the incident as "misconduct" but has not given details about what transpired. [Update: No misconduct was discovered.]

24 Last Minute Father's Day Gifts Your Dad Will Love

Get 'em just in time for June 18!

As 23 pessoas mais solteiras do Brasil

Antes no Twitter do que mal acompanhado.

24 Thoughts Every Woman Has At The Gynecologist

"I hope they don't notice the ingrown hairs."

18 frases inspiradoras para explicarle al mundo qué es ser LGTB+

"Los armarios hay que quemarlos: para que nadie pueda volver a ellos pero, sobre todo, para que nadie se vea obligado a estar en ellos" (Miquel Iceta).

Faux diplôme, plainte pour violences conjugales, propos homophobes: ces futurs députés En Marche qui traînent des casseroles

Propos polémiques, condamnations, enquêtes judiciaires... plusieurs candidats en ballotage favorable pour le second tour des élections législatives sont loin d'avoir des profils irréprochables. Tour d'horizon.

27 Amazing Kitchen Products That Will Actually Save You Money

Cook up some savings. The products in this post were updated in June 2018.

Do You Have The Same Opinions On Emo Albums As Everyone Else?

Bringing all the scene kids back to the early '00s.

18 Posts To Read If You Want To Get Better At Makeup

Prepare for your makeup to look even more flawless.

La publicación de esta mujer sobre su cuerpo se está viralizando y estamos muy contentas

"A lo largo de los años, este hombre ha amado cada curva y cada estría de mi cuerpo".

¿Puedes adivinar si esta frase la dijo Ángel Garó o un personaje de Lorca?

"Me llamas 'cariño' y le cogías las manos a quien me estaba asesinando", ¿es de Bodas de Sangre o de Sálvame Deluxe?

How Many Of The Top 100 Girls' Names Can You Name In 10 Minutes?

Hint: List all the flowers and you won't go too far wrong.

How Many Of The Top 100 Boys' Names Can You Name In 10 Minutes?

Hint: Barry isn't as popular as it once was.

Ivanka Said She's Surprised How Vicious Her Dad's Critics Are, And People Were Like, "Sorry, What?"

"Her dad wanted to ban an entire religion from entering the United States, but sure. Do you."

15 Videojuegos exclusivos del nuevo Xbox One X que te harán decir "lo necesito en mi vida"

Se presentó el nuevo Xbox, y con él llegaron nuevos objetos de deseo.

Qual cor você é na bandeira LGBT?

Você é mais um roxo espiritual ou um amarelo brilhante como o ouro?

Sur les 97 candidats du FN épinglés par BuzzFeed, 14 se sont qualifiés pour le second tour

Sur les 97 candidats épinglés par BuzzFeed News dans notre enquête sur les propos outranciers tenus par les candidats FN sur les réseaux sociaux, 14 sont qualifiés pour le second tour des élections législatives. Mais aucun n'est parti pour gagner.

O suposto uso da Abin para espionar Fachin foi a gota d’água para o STF e PGR

Ministros do STF há dias já cobravam apoio da corte ao trabalho do relator da Lava Jato no Supremo.

Russia Has Arrested Hundreds Of People During Nationwide Protests

More than 250 people, including opposition leader Alexei Navalny, have been detained across the country, according to reports.

Abortion Rights Must Remain On The Government's Agenda Despite DUP Opposition, Labour MP Says

Diana Johnson, who boosted her majority in Hull North in last week's election, told BuzzFeed News there's an appetite to decriminalise abortion in the UK.

Brexit: The Food Edition

These are the real questions dividing the nation.

24 Times Selena Gomez Looked Like Absolute Perfection

(Even though she always looks fierce.)

25 casais que já namoraram e você quase esqueceu que existiram

O amor é lindo, mas não dura pra sempre, não.

Labour Splits Begin To Emerge As MPs Reiterate Their Support For The Single Market

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said it was "not feasible" to remain in the single market – but local Labour MPs have consistently disagreed.

11 graphiques qui piquent les yeux pour tout piger au premier tour des législatives

Les électeurs de Le Pen et Mélenchon se sont moins déplacés que les autres. À Paris, Emmanuel Macron a tout raflé.

People Are Showering The Tories' Power-Sharing Party With Rainbow Flags To Protest Its Stance On LGBT Rights

"I thought it would be good for anyone searching them to see loads and loads of rainbow flags, so they'll know that there's more love than hate in the world," the man behind the campaign told BuzzFeed News.

23 photos couleur parmi les premières jamais prises

Voilà de quoi le monde avait l'air, en couleurs, il y a plus d'un siècle.

21 Mühen, die stillende Mütter nur zu gut kennen

Der Moment wenn... OMG dieses Baby beißt.

No, Dhinchak Pooja Does Not Earn ₹50 Lakhs Per Month

A Quora answer went SUPERFUCKINGVIRAL last week, and even got picked up by a lot of news sites. But I asked YouTube and they confirmed: it's hogwash.

The Number Of EU Nurses Registering To Work In The UK Has Fallen 96% Since The Brexit Vote

Just 46 nurses from the EU applied to work in the UK in April 2017, compared to 1,304 in the month after the referendum.

Can You Pass This Ultimate EastEnders Character Quiz?

You should remember all of these iconic characters.

Just 11 Photos Of Deepika And Ranveer That'll Take Your Breath Away

Wow, they're so hot, I feel like starting a carpool to work.

13 Dinge, die du nur nachvollziehen kannst, wenn du eine Vagina hast

*Im Kopf nachzählen, wie viele Stunden dein Tampon schon drin ist*

19 Savage "Love Island" Tweets That Are Just Way Too Fucking Real

"Chris is the sort of guy who says 'what without me' on snapchat when a girl says she's getting in the shower." H/T this Twitter account.



20 Momente, die niemand kennt, der nicht an Ramadan fastet

Wer hat eigentlich noch Lust auf diese alljährlichen Standard-Vorzeige-Ramadan-Iftar-Reportagen? Hier siehst du endlich, wie es wirklich ist, wenn du zum Vampir wirst!

12 cosas horribles que han hecho los millennials

Malditos millennials, siempre con sus tonterías.

The New iPad Pro Has A Full-Size Keyboard And An Insanely Fast Processor

Apple's new high-performance 10.5-inch tablet might be as powerful as some laptops — but that doesn't mean it can replace one.

This MP Says Delivery Drivers For And Leading Retailers Are “Exploited” And “Badly Treated”

AO Group, owner of Expert Logistics, said it "refutes" the claims, but apologised after drivers received unofficial letters warning them they could have their contracts terminated for littering.

Just A Reminder That Priyanka Chopra Pulled Off Some Terrible Fashion Choices In Her Life

Good thing she's Priyanka Chopra, the flawless goddess of everything.

「医師参画・監修」なのに信頼できない例も 批判された各サイトの対応は?


Build A Blog And We'll Guess Which Season You Were Born In

Is professional blogging in your future?

This TV Anchor Shut Down A Dude Who Told Her To Come To Work In Her Underwear To Be Equal To Men

"Yes, this is a channel run by a woman, and no, this is not a woman you can easily rattle." — Mirror Now Editor Faye D'Souza.

Lobbyists’ Foreign Agent Filing Raises Questions

A dead-end disclosure may not really be in the spirit of the Foreign Agent Registration Act, lawyers say.

David Davis Says 80% Of People Voted For Leaving The EU Single Market In The General Election

The Brexit secretary said that both the Conservatives and Labour agreed that continued single market membership would go against the EU referendum vote.

What's Going On In The News Today?

How Uber’s executive team’s long, slow meltdown began. Theresa May is clinging on to power after losing her Conservative majority in Thursday's general election. And all the looks from the 2017 Tony Awards.

This Syrian Artist Wants World Leaders To Know What It Feels Like To Be Refugees

"Maybe they will feel what it feels like to be vulnerable," said Abdalla Al Omari, who created a series of paintings that show prominent world leaders as displaced civilians.

23 der ältesten Farbfotos, die je geschossen wurden

So sah die Welt vor mehr als 100 Jahren in Farbe aus.

Lass uns mal über Squirting reden

Pipi oder nicht? Die Wissenschaft hat die Antwort.

17 fotos que muestran que hay que llevar a los perros, no pasearlos

Los perros metidos en bolsas son demasiado puros para este mundo.

People Guess The Average Size Of A Penis

"It's already squirting juices."

29 Tweets que describen todo lo que pensaste durante la final de Master Chef Junior

Diego se convirtió en ganador, y los papás de Rebekah se convirtieron en la familia del año.

"Dear Evan Hansen" Came Out On Top At The Tonys

There were few clear frontrunners in an unpredictable Tonys year.

これが「モナ・リザ」の本当の美しさ 現地で見た衝撃


東名バス事故、ドライブレコーダーが直後に公開された理由 社長が語る「安全性への投資」とは


チーズがとろける♪ スタッフド・ステーキロール






23 Things Every Spoiled Kid Will Recognize Immediately

You have your parents to thank for this one.

Only People Who Grew Up Without iPhones Will Be Able To Ace This Quiz

How on earth did we all text back in the day?

Choose Your Favorite K-Pop Girl Groups And We'll Reveal What People Love Most About You

We know, it's hard to pick between all these talented ladies.

Here's What You Need To Know About The New Xbox

"The smallest Xbox ever" hits shelves worldwide in November at $499. Like the PlayStation Pro, it's largely a hardware update.

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