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June 5, 2017

31 Dumb Tweets You Can't Help But Laugh At

The dumber the funnier, imho.

Enquanto cúpula do PSDB aguarda TSE, base tucana prega rompimento com Temer

Principal fiador do governo, o PSDB se divide entre quem não quer abandonar o presidente antes do TSE e os que acham que o custo de cada dia de permanência ao lado de Temer será cobrado em votos.

The West Elm Chief Is Taking Over At J.Crew

J.Crew's longtime leader Mickey Drexler is stepping down after 14 years at the clothing chain.

Este quiz de perritos te dirá qué cumplido grosero te define

¡Qué chingados perritos tan carajamente hermosos!

«Lobby Juif», «Banania», «connards de Français»: on a scruté les comptes Facebook et Twitter des 573 candidats FN

Enquête BuzzFeed News - Sur les 573 candidats que présente le Front national aux législatives, une centaine poste, aime ou partage des contenus homophobes, antisémites, islamophobes ou racistes. Tour de France du FN «dédiabolisé» de Marine Le Pen.

24 vezes em que "Grey's Anatomy" foi longe demais

Já estou no meu limite, Shonda. (Atenção: Este post contém spoilers!)

13 perguntas do Twitter para Michel Temer

Uma pequena contribuição da internet para as 84 questões que a Polícia Federal mandou para o presidente.

Detienen a 3 presuntos asaltantes del restaurante El Parnita

El asalto ocurrió el pasado domingo 21 de mayo. La Procuraduría capitalina informó que siguieron a los asaltantes a través de las cámaras de seguridad para dar con su paradero. Serán consignados al Reclusorio Norte.

A School Punished Two Black Teens For Having Hair Extensions

The school changed its policies after students and parents protested.

France Is Trolling Trump For Pulling Out Of The Paris Agreement

President Trump says he pulled out of the Paris climate agreement because he was "elected to represent Pittsburgh, not Paris." Now, leaders from both cities are criticizing his decision.

2つだけ押さえればOK! Appleが新製品を発表。1分でわかる #WWDC

新しいiPad Proに触ってきました。そしてもう1つ新製品が…

The Top US Diplomat To China Has Resigned Over Trump's Withdrawal From The Paris Climate Deal

A State Department spokesperson described the departure as a "personal decision."

A Brawl Broke Out Between Somali-American Muslims And A White Couple And Police Are Investigating

One woman ended up pummeled in a hospital. Another was shocked with a taser. Police say it wasn't a hate crime.

Así se verían las casas de Harry Potter si Hogwarts estuviera en México

En México no hay hipogrifos pero hay otras criaturas fantásticas que pueden representarnos perfectamente.

Assista a estes youtubers gringos reagindo à "Paradinha" da Anitta

"Como é que ela faz isso com a..." "Aquilo com a bunda né?"

A Federal Government Contractor Has Been Charged With Leaking To The Intercept

The Department of Justice alleges that Reality Leigh Winner, 25, removed classified material from a government facility and mailed it to an online news outlet.



Some House Democrats Say Congress Made A "Down Payment" On Trump's Wall

While most House Democrats and leadership say they oppose the wall and that the funding was merely to replace existing fences along the border, a handful of House Democrats are now seeking assurances that leadership will hold the line.

35 Tweets About NYC That Will Make You Laugh Harder Than You Should

No, there is no cat head guy in this post. Fuck that guy.

Coffee Addicts Try Alternative Caffeine Sources For A Week

Will coffee drinkers be satisfied with other options?

突然、知らない人からお金が送られてきたら…? 裕福ではないお父さんに起こった本当の話


Contesta 6 preguntas y te diremos si eres más Cosmo o Wanda

Esto deber ser obra de... ¡LOS PADRINOS MÁGICOS!

写真が伝える天安門事件 「血の日曜日」に何が起きたのか。




The Second Coming Of iPad

With new hardware and a next-generation operating system heavy on tablet-specific improvements, Apple is on a campaign to make the iPad your primary computing device.

Harvard Revoked Admission Offers To At Least 10 Students After They Posted Offensive Memes

The university withdrew acceptance letters from at least 10 students after discovering they posted offensive memes in a private Facebook group chat.

Infighting Is Plaguing The Anti-ISIS Coalition

Donald Trump tried to bring US allies together in his trip to the Middle East. Now the Saudis, Egyptians, Qataris, Emiratis, Turks and Germans can’t stop fighting.

Si te gustan los hombres guapos con barba, juega esto bajo tu propio riesgo

Es como entrar a un horno encendido, y no querer salir.

Aparentemente tá todo mundo caindo de espacate ao som de "Sweet Dreams"

Não basta criar um meme, ele precisa ficar ainda melhor.

18 Orgasmos que probablemente has tenido si tienes una vagina

"¿Eso fue pipí o tuve un chorro de fluido vaginal?" - Tú, después de un orgasmo.

13 perguntas que a Disney ainda precisa responder

♫ Quantos furos de roteiro cabem em um filme? ♫

14 coisas que acontecem quando você é linda mas muito linda mesmo

É a sua maior qualidade e maior problema!

This Bot Turns Trump's Tweets Into "Official" White House Statements

It's like Twitter, but for presidential statements.

6 Ridiculously Easy Techniques To Cook Fish At Home

Who knew cooking fish at home could be so easy?

This 13-Year-Old Has Earned Serious Cash For Hacking Tech Companies

This teen hacked websites for Microsoft, Google and Uber, but it all paid off.

17 Cosas que no sabías sobre las películas de 'High School Musical'

Zac Efron no siempre estuvo destinado a ser Troy Bolton.

Parmesan Cheese Is Totally Not Vegetarian

If you're a vegetarian, proceed with caution...

An Ad Network That Helps Fake News Sites Earn Money Is Now Asking Users To Report Fake News

In response to queries from BuzzFeed News, Revcontent removed four fake news publishers from its network.

Apple Gets Into The Smart Speaker Market With HomePod

The $349 device will be released in December and challenge Amazon's Echo.

"Pink Slime" Goes To Trial With Billions On The Line

The maker of "lean finely textured beef" says ABC caused it billions in damages after declaring its product "pink slime" in news reports.

The App Store Is About To Look Very Different

Apple announced new tabs for featured apps and games.

14 Times We All Wanted To Marry Dan Stevens

More like Damn Stevens, am I right?

Você sabe quanto custa morar nestas áreas do Brasil?

Um aluguel pode custar até 45 vezes o preço do outro.

Este quiz te dirá qué canción de Maluma describe tu vida

¿Eres más "Felices los 4" o tu vida es tan triste como "Borró cassette"?

Apple Is Bringing Augmented Reality To The iPhone

The new developer kit follows suggestions from Apple CEO Tim Cook that augmented reality is going to be "huge."

Two Men Were Arrested In Connection With The Deadly Ghost Ship Fire That Killed 36 People

Ghost Ship master tenant Derick Almena and warehouse tenant Max Harris were arrested Monday for their alleged role in the Dec. 2 fire, the cause of which may never be determined.

Decore sua casa dos sonhos e diremos seu nível de maturidade

Suas escolhas revelarão sua idade mental.

American Outlets Reporting On A Pro-Trump Rally In Canada Were Very Wrong

The Parliamentary Protective Service said there were 300 to 400 participants.

14 pessoas que dominam a arte da gafe tanto quanto você

Todas as histórias terminam com "eu não sabia onde enfiar a cara".

Ashley Graham Opens Up About Sexual Harassment As A Teen

She has a powerful message for women everywhere.

Democrats Put More Money Into Turning Out GA06's Black Voters

Black voters make up about 13% of the district (and political center of the universe this month).

Estes são os dois suspeitos do ataque terrorista em Londres

Khuram Shazad Butt e Rachid Redouane são do leste da capital britânica.

16 Struggles For People Who Cry About Everything

And if not, tag that one friend you have that barely needs an excuse to burst into tears.

James Corden On Bringing "The Late Late Show" To Britain Only Days After The London Attack

"Maybe this is the perfect time to bring a show from America, which plays in 150-odd countries, where we can show the incredible breadth of joy and positivity and diversity in this incredible city," the presenter told BuzzFeed News.

Here's The Weird Apocalypse Video From Apple's WWDC Conference

A server blowout ruins humanity. Too soon, Apple, too soon.

Updates: Prosecution Vows To Retry Cosby After Jury Deadlock Prompts Mistrial

A jury couldn’t decide if Bill Cosby is guilty of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. A mistrial has been declared.

Você sabe quais dessas celebridades a Mariah Carey conhece?

O teste oficial do “eu não a conheço”.

The New Mac OS Is Called High Sierra And Everyone Made The Same Joke

420 blaze it!!!!!! JK only if you live in Washington, Colorado, California, or Massachusetts.

Meet The Transgender Model Who Broke Fashion's Highest Barrier

This 20-year-old Brazilian model made fashion history as the first transgender model on the cover of any edition of Vogue.

Literally Just Some Great "Wonder Woman" Tweets

*cries & laughs & cries & laughs forever*

20 Razones por las que las mujeres deberían usar tacones altos todo el tiempo

Porque simplemente no hay manera de verse bien sin un buen par de tacones.

This Cheeseburger Bread Bowl Is Heavenly

Does it get better than this?

Black Lawmakers Who've Been On Bill Maher's Show Decline To Comment On N-Word Episode

Maher has been widely and sharply criticized for his use of a racial slur during an interview with Sen. Ben Sasse.

12 Life-Changing Things To Try In June

Because we tried them for you in May!

7 Random Facts You've Probably Never Heard Before

The story about lemmings jumping off of cliffs to their deaths is FAKE.

Reporta PREP ventaja del PRI en Edomex y del PAN en Nayarit; el resultado de Coahuila es incierto

En Veracruz, la coalición PAN-PRD ganó 112 ayuntamientos. Morena gobernará las principales ciudades, como Xalapa, Poza Rica y Coatzacoalcos.

7 Five-Ingredient Dinners You Need To Try This Week

Proof that a little goes a long way.

Show Us Your Most Fabulous Pride Outfit

Bust out the glitter — it's that time of year again.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at BCBG, Forever 21, West Elm, and more!

These Are The London Bridge Attackers

Khuram Shazad Butt and Rachid Redouane, were both from Barking, east London, and Youssef Zaghba is thought to be from Italy.

You Have Homichlophobia, And So Does Everyone Else

One minute you're having a nice walk; the next you can't see. Nope.

Make This Charcoal Chimney With Recyclables You Have At Home

Now you have an excuse to eat s'mores.

This Breitbart Writer Was Fired After She Posted An Anti-Muslim Tweet

On Saturday, Katie McHugh tweeted: "There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there. #LondonBridge."

No, Londoners Didn't Chant "Donald Trump, We Love You" After The Attack

An old video is making rounds among Trump supporters.

18 TV Shows You Might Not Have Realised Were Based On Books

You can add these to your reading list AND your watch list.

Uma página está ilustrando clássicos da literatura com memes

Sabe como é, né, se adaptando a novos tempos.

A Nigerian Writer Who Was Kidnapped After Writing About Homophobia Has Been Released

“This is not the first time this has happened to writers in Nigeria and a few months ago one of them got killed," a Nigerian LGBT activist told BuzzFeed News. "I’m sure this is not going to be the last time."

23 imagens de comida que vão te deixar puto mas com fome

Absurdo? Sim. Você comeria? Também.

More Than 130 Imams Refuse To Perform Attackers' Funeral Prayers Following London And Manchester Incidents

"We seek to clarify that their reprehensible actions have neither legitimacy nor our sympathy."

16 sucesos que son totalmente Marca España

"Un hombre pegó a otro porque le llamó Melendi".

This Guy's Shopping List Hack Was So Perfect He Had To Be Complimented On It

"The stuff about balsamic vinegar proves you have good taste".

23 Books Guaranteed To Give You That Summer Feeling

"The locations alone make you want to pack up and travel all summer long."

Which Pop Song Must Go?

A nearly impossible decision!

Perrie Edwards Shared A Photo Of Her Scar And People Are Inspired

While everyone's busy being ~outraged~ over the band's outfits, they're missing that Perrie may have started a body confidence movement.

20 Terms Every True NYC Kid Knows The Meaning Of

You not official unless you fuck with this vocab, b.

17 Of The Shadiest People On The Entire Planet

"The WORST meatball sandwich according to Ed on Yelp!"

Estas são as cidades mais violentas do Brasil

Algumas delas são localidades muito turísticas. Estudo considera o número de assassinatos em relação à população de cada cidade com mais de 100 mil habitantes.

The Insatiable Drive Of A Hardcore College Wrestler

Spit on the ground. Cue the villain music.

El logo de esta ciudad está dando mucho que hablar

¿Cómo nadie se dio cuenta antes?

20 Gorgeous Lipsticks That'll Actually Stay On All Day

A busy woman has no time to reapply! The products in this post were updated in March 2018.

Sadiq Khan Says Donald Trump Should Not Visit The UK Following His London Attack Tweets

The mayor of London previously said he was too busy to reply to the US president's "ill-informed" tweets.

There's No Evidence Theresa May Actually Said This Quote About Lesbians

An image of the prime minister has gone viral – but there's no evidence she actually said the words ascribed to her.

This Drug Is Cheaper And More Powerful Than Heroin — And May Be Killing Way More People

A kilo of heroin nets a dealer $60,000. A kilo of fentanyl? $1.2 million.

Live Updates: A Former Top Federal Prosecutor Just Said There's Evidence To Begin An Obstruction Of Justice Case Against Trump

This week at the White House: Trump vs. London's Mayor; Comey testifies; the attorney general offered to resign; and the travel ban is now officially called a travel ban.

This Personality Quiz Will Reveal Your Favourite Sandwich

There's a certain type of person that loves a meatball marinara.

17 Things That'll Make Having Braces So Much Better

Your teeth will love you forever.

5 People On What A Fictional Hero Should Look Like In 2017

BuzzFeed News asked five of the creators behind Image Comics' Bitch Planet series to give their thoughts on how to create a hero for the modern era.

Here Are The Biggest Announcements From Apple's WWDC 2017

New iMacs, iPads, and iOS. Plus, the introduction of a brand-new device: the Apple HomePod.

23 Of The Best Places To Buy Father's Day Gifts Online

Where do you shop for the Dad who has everything? See below. The products in this post were updated in May 2018.

Katy Perry Paid Tribute To The Manchester Attack Victims With A Dress Made Out Of Their Photos

Her One Love Manchester stage outfit was made from pictures of the 22 people who died at Ariana Grande's concert on 22 May.

29 Reasons To Really Love Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has always been a beautiful human, but after last night's One Love Manchester concert, the whole world knows it.

How Arab Countries’ Decision To Break Ties With Qatar Complicates Things For The US

An attempt to bludgeon Qatar into aligning its policies with the rest of the Arab countries could push it closer to the strategic orbit of Iran, Turkey, or Russia.

28 Tweets That Prove You Can't Argue With Scottish Logic

"She tagged him in a dog video, defo means she's shagging him."

18 Of The Greatest Desi Parent Moments Of All Time

Ain't no parents like desi parents.

Plan A Trip And We'll Give You A Superpower

Are you ready to save the world?

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a racerback bathing suit, a vegetable spiralizer, mascara brushes, and more!

31 Gifts For Dads Who Basically Love Food More Than They Love You

They came, they ate, they probably fell asleep in a lounge chair.

Questions Are Being Raised About What The Authorities Knew About The London Bridge Attackers

Multiple media reports allege that the government's anti-terror hotline was contacted about the London Bridge attackers.

Ladies, The Censor Board Is Finally OK With Your Existence!

Looks like Mr. Nihalani got his hands on some brain pills because Lipstick Under My Burkha will FINALLY be releasing on July 28.

18 "Life Hacks" All Scottish People Grew Up With

There's a real art to hiding a bottle of Frosty Jack's down the front of your jacket.

Trump Confirms Once And For All That His Executive Order Is In Fact A Travel Ban

President Trump tweeted that people "can call it whatever they want" but he's calling it a "TRAVEL BAN."

People Explain Why They Trolled Facebook's Safety Check After The London Bridge Attack

The volunteer section of the feature was full of posts asking for help outside of England, and even making jokes.

How Normal Are Your Opinions On Daytime TV?

Bargain Hunt or Cash in the Attic?

Signs You're Not Really Busy, You're Just A Stupid Idiot

Truth be told, we're all stupid idiots.

Corbyn Calls For PM To Resign Over Police Numbers After The London Bridge Attack

Political pressure is also mounting against Theresa May over claims she suppressed a report on the foreign funding of extremist groups.

Los discursos más potentes del concierto One Love Manchester

"Manchester, somos fuertes, somos fuertes, somos fuertes. Seguimos cantando nuestra canción, nuestra canción, nuestra canción".

A Bunch Of People Want Ariana Grande To Be Prime Minister Because She Is An Incredible Human

She brought Chris Martin and Liam Gallagher together. What a woman.

The Deadly Melbourne Siege Was A Terrorist Attack, Prime Minister Says

The gunman called a TV station and claimed he was acting on behalf of ISIS.

21 Struggles Every Chennai Kid Will Understand

There is no such thing as too many appalams or too much powder on your Sathyam popcorn.

Así es el cambio climático en el mundo

Icebergs que se derriten, inundaciones repentinas y sequías cada vez más severas.

Everyone, Especially Liam Gallagher, Is Pissed Off With Noel For Skipping Manchester Concert

"Noels out of the fucking country weren't we all love get on a fucking plane and play your tunes for the kids."

Si vous avez moins de 16 ans, vous ne croirez jamais qu'internet ressemblait à ça avant

«Déconnecte-toi d'internet. J'ai besoin du téléphone!»

31 photos complètement absurdes

N'en donnez pas le contexte à vos amis. Envoyez-leur simplement ces photos. Vos amis seront tellement contents.

30 des destinations les plus à couper le souffle sur Terre

Je reviens de suite, je réserve des billets d'avion.



Build Your Dream Home And We'll Recommend A Book For You To Read

You should probably add a library to your house.

Australia Is Pretty Much Ignoring Donald Trump's Tweets At This Point

"... we deal with the president, with his cabinet, and with the US administration on what they do, what they achieve... "

100 Nursing Memes That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

Nursing: when you're not sure whether it's Saturday or Tuesday.

Woman Charged With Murder After 13-Month-Old Baby Girl Found Dead With Suspected Stab Wounds

Police have described the 28-year-old woman as "a person known to the child".

Make An Ice Cream Sundae To Find Out Your Soulmate's First Initial

A quick little quiz for those who love ice cream looking for love.

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre el PREP y el conteo rápido? Aquí te ayudamos a entender

La elección en el Estado de México ha dejado muchas dudas sobre el proceso electoral.

14 Memes para reír y llorar por la ley seca

No es democracia si no te quedas con sed.

PRI, PAN y Morena se declaran todos ganadores en las elecciones estatales (para variar)

El líder nacional del PAN, Ricardo Anaya, también declaró que van ganando en 3 de las 4 elecciones. Andrés Manuel López Obrador asegura que Delfina ganó en el Edomex. Josefina Vázquez Mota admitió que no le favorecen los resultados.

21 Celebridades dibujaron sus memes favoritos en los MIAW y las cosas se salieron de control

Juanpa Zurita dibujando a Chilaquil es la bendición que no sabíamos que necesitábamos.

一皿で満腹! ステーキとグリル野菜のサラダ


















Ariana Grande's Manchester Concert Celebrated The City's Resilience

Mancunians at the concert said they were there to raise money, fight fear, and show that love is stronger than hate.

Four Australians And A Kiwi Were Caught Up In The London Bridge Attack

Australia’s terror threat level remains at "probable".

Here's A Reminder That Australian TV 10 Years Ago Was Very, Very Different

Waiting for the Australian Open to finish so you could find out whether Sally survived being stabbed on Home and Away.

Twitter's Pro-Trump Bot Crisis Is Really A Human Crisis

The intense focus on Twitter’s pro-Trump bot scourge is an enticing but partial explanation for a far more difficult problem.

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