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Ansel Elgort Could Not Be Hotter In This "Baby Driver" Scene

Raisin' some Ansel HELLgort lol.

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If you haven't heard by now, Ansel Elgort is starring in Edgar Wright's new action movie, Baby Driver, which hits theaters June 28.

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It's about a young, crazy-talented getaway driver who's got the perfect playlist for any and every situation.

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And in an exclusive sneak peek, we get a glimpse of Baby in action — and Elgort is total perfection.

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We learn pretty quickly that, yeah, Baby always has his headphones in, but he's also always listening.

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Do. Not. Come. For. Baby.

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😎 A 🔥 N 😎 S 🔥 E 😎 L 🔥

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