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29 Old Justin Bieber Tweets That Belong In A Fucking Museum

"I stink at math!"

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1. When he had a solid after party planned:

Tonights gonna be awsome. After party At panera bread. Yeahhhhhh

2. When he was on the prowl:

the reporter asked me if i was dating. I said i go out on dates. but nothing serious. Im still single and ready to mingle. haha.

3. When he shared his spirit animal:

If I could be any animal I would be a liger.. Cuz there sweet..

4. When he sang live in front of Usher for the first time:

this was the first time i sang in front of Usher. I was really nervous but he believed in me. Hope to make you proud UR!

5. When he was sexy and he knew it:

6. When he had a very important question about planes:

why on a plane they always make u turn ur electronics off when taking off and landing...isnt it more dangerous when ur up in the sky??

7. When he thought he might be dead but wasn't sure:

so alot of u r tweeting me wanting to know if i died again. turns out im ok. had to check..but im still living. wasnt ok :)

8. When we all knew he likes to swim directly after he eats:

today was a chill day....little bit of swimming...little bit of pizza. u guys know i like to swim directly after i eat. lol

9. When he was just tryna come up with something clever:

still thinking of something clever to say...hmmmmmm...something clever...something clever...hmmmm. and on that note....I got nothin

10. When he expressed his love in a simple yet beautiful way:

11. When he was in pain:

12. When he was feeling *random*:

random shoutout to all my sexy ladies. haha

13. When he revealed his favorite weird food combos:

does anybody put doritos in their subs from subway...I Do.. hah its soo good.. i also like celery and peanut butter. both combos are AWSOME!

14. When he revealed his biggest weakness:

15. When he just had one wish:

If chickens could say love me love me that would be awsome.

16. When he spent the day with his grandparents:

enjoying a chill day with the grandparents. was not feeling 100 so its nice to have them around.

17. When he wrote a poem for John Mayer:

Roses are red violets r blue and someone tell @johncmayer to call me for musical reasons...

18. When he just needed to talk about maple syrup:

Im thinking pancakes for breakfast....with some nice maple syrup. Who doesnt love maple syrup? I love maple syrup....

19. When someone asked if he would date a fan:

I get asked all the time would I date a fan and my answer I would date whoever I fall IN LOVE with, and yes that could be a fan

20. When he loved his haterz:

21. When he took a nap:

gonna nap...yeah i still nap. naps are cool. who doesnt like naps?

22. When he recalled the good old days with Taylor Swift:

also congrats to @Taylorswift13 for her new #1 record "MINE"!! I still remember when we used to get 2gether and I would break my foot. lol

23. When he tried to be sexy for Teen Vogue:

back to this teen vogue photoshoot...still on vocal rest though!!! ahhhhhh!!! ok...let's go do this and try and be sexy. hello there ladies

24. When he was one more lonely boy:

25. When he practiced his British slang:

have fun 2nite @katyperry ....I know u will kick some arse hosting at the TCA's - that is how ur british man says it right? arse. good luck

26. When his BFF Siri failed him:

My friend Siri doesn't seem to know much about Canada. :(

27. When he had a very serious question:

how long can you hold your breathe under water??

28. When he was in Seattle, I'm assuming:

goodnight everyone... Hope im not "Sleepless In Seattle" :)

29. And finally, when he revealed why he'll always have the best tweets ever:

....that is why i like twitter. i can say it how it is. no one twisting things

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