Jun 5, 2017

    A Bunch Of People Want Ariana Grande To Be Prime Minister Because She Is An Incredible Human

    She brought Chris Martin and Liam Gallagher together. What a woman.

    On Sunday, Ariana Grande performed at a benefit concert for people affected by the Manchester terror attack.

    Getty Images / Dave Hogan for One Love Manchest

    The 23-year-old was joined by several celebrity friends including Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

    The phenomenal concert raised over £2 million during the three hours it was broadcast live on YouTube, the BBC and more. More than £10 million has been raised for the victims of the attack in total.

    Lots of people praised the star for her bravery and humanity:

    So much respect for Ariana Grande. Do u kno how strong u have to be to be able to go & put on another show in the city after what happened❤️

    #OneLoveManchester was so beautifully organised by Ariana Grande. I'm sure many people feel uplifted following that. Take a bow girl. 🙌🏾

    Ariana visited victims of the Manchester attack in the hospital ❤️

    Following the concert, the people of Britain lauded the star's big heart, and called for her to take up the role of prime minister.

    During the concert, Grande brought together Liam Gallagher and Coldplay's Chris Martin, despite their past feud.

    Remember when Liam Gallagher called Chris Martin a plant pot

    Liam Gallagher once called Chris Martin a "geography teacher who makes music for bedwetters." @ArianaGrande to sort Brexit negotiations next

    Can we vote for Ariana Grande on June 8th? Look what she managed to organise in that short time. She'd probably do a better job at Brexit

    Wish @ArianaGrande could be our prime minister and fix the NHS, police force and sort out the brexit negotiations

    Apparently, she's already ahead in the polls:

    NEW POLL Best Prime Minister (UK): Theresa May: 3% Jeremy Corbyn: 2% Ariana Grande 95%

    People just really really want her as the next PM:

    Facebook: mike.webb.1447 / Via BBC / One Love Manchester

    Ariana for prime minister? Why not!!!!

    Remember. This Thursday vote Ariana Grande for Prime Minister.

    However, some people are worried that people will actually put Ariana's name on their ballot paper on Thursday.

    I'm worried about how many people would actually vote for Ariana Grande to be prime minister if they had the chance

    But most continued cracking jokes:

    I think about setting up the Ariana Grande party for the next general election (not the one this week the one after) 😂😂😂😂

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