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14 Times We All Wanted To Marry Dan Stevens

More like Damn Stevens, am I right?

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In case you didn’t know, this is Dan Stevens. Also known as Beast from Beauty and the Beast and a god damn gift to humanity. / Via

In honor of Beauty and the Beast's DVD release, here are all the moments we fell just a little more in love with him. Let's begin! / Via

1. When he did the face capture for Beast eating: / Via

2. When he whispered "tits" after Emma Watson mentioned her recent "Vanity Fair" photoshoot: / Via

3. When he wore a beanie and glasses: / Via

4. When he once again played Beast in Crosswalk the Musical: / Via

5. When he wanted to be Nala: / Via

6. When he talked about his favorite French things: / Via

7. When he channeled his inner Beast and did a little growl: / Via

8. When he witnessed Emma Watson fangirling: / Via

9. When he was showered with rose petals: / Via

10. When he couldn't go to prom: / Via

11. When he prepared for his role in Crosswalk the Musical: / Via

12. When he tried his best: / Via

13. When he spoke the truth: / Via

14. And finally, when he gave that legendary introduction for Benedict Cumberbatch at the 2014 GQ awards. / Via

Truly iconic.

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