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    Just A Reminder That The Son From "Mrs. Doubtfire" Is Hot AF Now

    Be still my beating heart.

    Remember Mrs. Doubtfire? Of course you do.

    More importantly, remember the middle kid Chris, played by Matthew Lawrence? Here's a refresher.

    I'm just here to remind you that he's still incredibly cute, 24 years later.

    And if you're wondering why else he looks so damn familiar, DING DING, he played Billy in The Hot Chick.

    Yep, that's him shirtless.

    Like, can you even?

    Here he is with his brothers, proving he aged like a fine, fine wine.

    And again.

    Oh, need more proof that he bathed in the fountain of youth and came out looking like a Greek god? OK then.

    He's obviously the most stylish brother too. There's no doubt about it.

    Thanks for the beautiful view.

    Honestly, we're so blessed.

    Happy Thirsty Tuesday.