22 Misogynistic, Homophobic, And Predatory Rom-Com Scenes That Were Clearly Written By Men


    Hi, I'm Hannah, and I love rom-coms! They're swoony, funny, and offer wish fulfillment for romance that we don't always see in everyday life.

    I grew up in the rom-com era, and I find it super nostalgic to go back and watch my fave rom-coms from the 2000s — as well as older classics from the '80s and '90s. But...sometimes they don't exactly hold up.

    Here are 22 rom-com scenes that are misogynistic, predatory, homophobic, and overall pretty darn offensive.

    WARNING: Some of the scenes mention rape and sexual assault.

    1. In Never Been Kissed, when Sam got on the carousel with Josie (his student that he thought was underage), started confiding in her about his relationship troubles, and then openly flirted with her.

    Sam: "when you're my age guys will be lined up around the block for you" Josie: "you have to say that 'cause you're my teacher" sam: "actually, I shouldn't say that because I'm your teacher"

    2. In John Tucker Must Die, when Beth taught Kate how to kiss, and it was entirely played as a sexy moment for the male gaze.

    3. And when the girls gave John a little bit of estrogen, and he started acting like a stereotypical overemotional girl:

    4. In Sixteen Candles, when Jake says this about his girlfriend, Caroline.

    Jake saying "I got Caroline in the bedroom right now passed out cold, I could violate her 10 different ways if I wanted to" in 16 candles

    5. And then literally tells Ted to do whatever he wants with her. And HE DOES.

    Jake saying he'll let Ted take Caroline home and she won't know the difference between Ted and Jake, then telling Caroline that Ted is him

    6. In The Breakfast Club, when Bender sticks his head between Claire's thighs while he's hiding under the table.

    Bender sticking his head between Claire's thighs

    7. And when he spends most of the movie verbally and sexually harassing her, and then they end up together.

    8. In Wedding Crashers, when Mrs. Cleary forces John to touch her boobs.

    John says this feels inappropriate but a half-naked Mrs. Clearly says she won't let him out of the room until he feels her boobs

    9. And when Gloria literally ties up and rapes Jeremy.

    Gloria tells Jeremy she loves him while he's tied up then puts tape over his gagged mouth

    10. This eating disorder joke in Miss Congeniality:

    Gracie says "it's light beer, and she's gonna throw it up anyways"

    11. As well as this eating disorder joke in The Hot Chick:

    12. In White Chicks, when Latrell spikes Marcus's drink, and the whole thing is played for humor.

    guy gives latrell drugs and tells him to put them in tiffany's drink

    13. And when Gomez and Harper kept ripping off the real Tiffany and Brittany's clothing to prove that they were actually Kevin and Marcus in disguise.

    Gomez says "how about..." then pulls one of the girls' shirts down and admires her boobs saying "those are nice"

    14. Alllll the stalking that goes on in There's Something About Mary.

    15. In I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, when Chuck and Larry were supposed to kiss to prove their marriage was real, and the whole thing was played as a disgusting/humorous moment.

    Chuck and Larry reluctantly lean in to kiss as their firemen friends look disgusted and a woman looks turned on

    16. And when there was a whole scene serving as a joke about "dropping the soap" and prison rape.

    one of the firemen drops the soap in the showers and Chuck and Larry look, then the guy inches toward the soap looking at chuck and larry in fear

    17. And just everything about Chuck basically using the fact that Alex thought he was gay to get close to her.

    Chuck feeling Alex's boobs

    18. In Love Actually, when Mark was obsessed with his best friend's wife and confessed his love for her while his best friend was home, and then she actually seemed to like it.

    Mark holding up the "to me you are perfect" sign to Juliet

    19. In Grease, when Danny's friend asked him this about supposedly sleeping with Sandy.

    20. And when Danny tried to force himself on Sandy.

    Danny pushes himself on Sandy as she yells at him to get off her

    21. And also when Sandy changed her entire personality for him at the end, leaving the film with a very sexist message.

    Sandy shows up with a cigarette in leather and Danny exclaims "Sandy!"

    22. And finally, literally everything about the movie Shallow Hal.

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