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17 Of The Shadiest People On The Entire Planet

"The WORST meatball sandwich according to Ed on Yelp!"

1. The sandwich shop that takes their Yelp reviews seriously:

2. The spiteful sibling:

3. This impeccable photoshop:

4. And this equally solid effort:

5. The guy with a vendetta against 7-Eleven:

6. The person who ordered a footlong and nothing less:

7. The girl who paid her ex back in pennies, after he broke up with her and asked for a refund on her prom ticket.

8. This brutal advertisement:

9. And this smart-ass boyfriend:

10. The kid who counted individual grains of rice:

11. The community with a (not so) honorary member:

12. The sleepy downstairs neighbour who wants revenge:

13. The bitter ex with a lot to say:

14. And the girl who edited her Instagram captions post-breakup:

15. The man and his menus:

16. The not-so-friendly neighbour:

17. And the student who draws artistic inspiration from her pettiness:

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