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    17 People Who Got Louis Theroux Tattooed On Their Leg

    Louis 4eva, quite literally.

    1. This person who turned themselves into a goddamn work of art.

    2. This one who got gangster Louis embossed on their leg.

    My money doesn't jiggle jiggle, it folds 💱 Got Tropical Dan the man to tattoo a gangster @louistheroux on my leg. P…

    Twitter: @Sabstars

    3. And this one who plumped for ~come hither~ Louis, ooh la la.

    4. This clean-cut Louis ankle tatt.

    love my @louistheroux tattoo 😀 #MyMoneyDoesntJiggleJiggleItFolds

    Twitter: @ObscureThing77

    5. This person who needed Louis' words of wisdom forever imprinted on their body.

    @louistheroux my girlfriend thought you might like her latest tattoo - incidentally we are not two people, we're on…

    Twitter: @Growlycake

    6. This exceptionally vivid portrait which is kind of like having a Louis Theroux parasitic twin growing on your leg, in a good way.

    7. This person who will be inspired everyday by their stern yet slightly sultry Louis.

    8. This person with a subtle but witty addition to their leg.

    @louistheroux Hi Louis. Love your work mate. Thought you might get a kick out of this tattoo I spotted recently.

    Twitter: @LimpinDaveFoley

    9. This person who went for fresh-faced Louis.

    10. And this one, whose thigh is ready for a hard-hitting yet humorous investigation.

    11. This person that plumped for motivational Louis.

    12. This person, who went for a stunning, futuristic, blue Louis because, honestly, why not?

    It's a mystery why more people don't have a tattoo of my face, in blue, on their leg.

    Twitter: @louistheroux

    13. This guy who's just completely delighted with his brand new Louis Thigh-roux.

    14. This one who went for a dreamy depiction.

    15. And this bloke who'll wear his masterpiece in pride of place for decades to come.

    16. This guy who went for a black and white watercolour effect, with penetrating eyes.

    17. And this person who can get Theroux anything now?

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