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Lorde's Governors Ball Performance Was Pure Wizardry And Magic

I am changed.

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This weekend was the annual Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City, and while everyone was psyched out of their minds to witness Lorde's greatness, no one could have imagined the pure magic that swept the crowd on Friday night.

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I mean, not even Lorde anticipated the wizardry that went down.

Fuckin hell wasn't expecting that level of alchemy

But it did. And it was magic, and it took all of our souls away.

Instagram: @lordemusic

For starters, she debuted "Perfect Places" live and fucking slayed all of our lives in the process.

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And then Jack Antonoff joined her onstage for a cover of Robyn's "Hang With Me" that made our hearts explode.

seeing @lorde live will always be an infinite treat. here's her cover of "hang with me" at gov ball.

But the entire show was something from another universe.

@lorde I MADE A TWITTER just to tweet you and say whatever spell you cast at gov ball I'm still feeling it. Your performance gave me life!

It was, quite possibly, the best hour of some of our lives.

not to be dramatic but seeing @lorde live at gov ball today was actually the peak of my young life

It changed us.

me: oh cool, @lorde is performing at @GovBallNYC I know some of her songs me, post Lorde: I am Lorde's BIGGEST FAN she is an ANGEL 😩💕😭💖✨✨😭💕

It emotionally destroyed us.

.@lorde u WRECKED me emotionally last night at gov ball and I'm still not okay I will take reparations in the form of therapy payments thx b

It saved us.


And it did some much-needed cleansing.

Seeing Lorde live was the best experience of my life. I started crying when she came onstage & didn't stop sobbing until after Ribs

The only way to really explain what happened was wizardry and m a g i c.

@lorde fucking hell the magic felt yesterday during your gov ball set was life changing

Which leads me to my final point: IS IT JUNE 16 YET?!

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