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23 Things You Forgot You Used To Do 10 Years Ago

RIP all your BBM chats.

1. Being concerned that you were going to go over your monthly texting limit.

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

2. Listening to your iPod music with this baller sound system (if you didn't want to use your headphones):

3. And also having to carry your iPod with you everywhere if you wanted to listen to music.

4. Taking photos with a digital camera like this:

Mj Kim / Getty Images

5. Buying ringtones for your phone...

6. ...or texting one of these pricey services to get a ringtone:

7. Watching The View just to see the messy, messy fights between Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.


8. Loving Entourage and being heavily invested in it.


9. Yelling “Don’t tase me, bro!” whenever you goofed around with your friends.


10. Being surprised and happy that J.K. Rowling was continuing to reveal more details and background stuff about Harry Potter, even though she had just published the final book.

11. Sharing viral videos through email.

12. Having Facebook "poke wars" with your friends.


13. Adding lots of bumper stickers to your FB profile.

14. Bragging about the types of movies that were on your Netflix DVD queue.

15. Picking up super-cheap clothing at Steve and Barry's and thinking, How is this even possible? Why is this so cheap?!

Peter Kramer / Getty Images

16. Spending hours playing with Photo Booth.

17. Buying (pricey) entire seasons of your favorite TV show on DVD so that you could binge-watch it before the new season started.

18. Having Hotmail just so you could talk on MSN Messenger.

19. Attempting to "Pop, Lock, and Drop It" and basically falling on your ass.

Sony Music

20. Having a really intense singing session by yourself when playing SingStar...

21. ...and having an intense ~jam~ session when playing Rock Band with your friends.

22. Downloading a bunch of Starbucks "Song of the Day" songs on iTunes and never listening to them (but hey, they were free).

23. And finally, being low-key jealous of your friend who got the iPhone, and convincing yourself you were happy with your BlackBerry (could never live without BBM!).

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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