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Signs You're Not Really Busy, You're Just A Stupid Idiot

Truth be told, we're all stupid idiots.

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If you're like me, a working twentysomething who's trying (and failing) to be a well-rounded adult, then you might have uttered the words, "I try, but I'm really busy".

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I'm here to tell you that's a completely bullshit statement...

And you, my friend, are lying to yourself.

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Here, I'll give you some examples that'll probably clear things up.

1. You say you're too busy to hit the gym...


But in reality, your job ends at 6. Sure, there's always overtime but EVERYDAY?!

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• Most big gyms are open till 10-11 P.M. everyday.

• Smaller gyms also have flexible schedules.

• Some corporates have gyms as part of their facilities.

• As do big apartment complexes.

• And with the explosion of alternate exercises like crossfit, mixed martial arts, zumba and yoga, what's your excuse?

2. You say you're too busy to get a good night's sleep...


But you're scrolling down your Instagram feed till like 4 A.M.

• Ideally, don't look at your phone before you get to bed.

• Your work commute can be spent catching up on social media.

3. You say you're too busy to meet friends...


But you're actually binge-watching Netflix the entire weekend.

• Firstly, bingeing something is totally fine sometimes.

• Secondly, meet your friends, dude.

• Why don't you binge with friends. Friends love television shows.

• Or do other things. Join a weekend class with some buds. It'll be fun, I promise.

• Reinvigorate the love you had for that long forgotten hobby.

P.S. It could also be because you just don't want to meet human beings, and that's totally fine. But stop using "I'm too busy" as an excuse. You're really not.

4. You say you're too busy to eat healthy...


But you just like pizza and biryani way too much.

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Trying to eat healthy actually saves you time:

• You don't have to stress about what to eat everyday, and believe me, knowing what you're gonna have for lunch saves you a shit ton of time.

• There are healthy alternatives to every thing you love, you just have to look hard enough. *Whispers* Google. Google is where you look.

• Eating healthy also gives you more energy, thus opening your day up to wayyy more things.

5. You say you're too busy and that's why you're always late...


But you're just a tardy asshole.

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• C'mon dude, you knew well in advance what time we're meeting.

• You have a cell phone to call/text/tweet/Facebook/email/Snapchat and inform people you're running late.

• Movies, dinners, plays, celebrations, all have a literal down to the minute, pre-decided time of commencement.

6. And finally, you say you're too busy to have a life...


But this is the most erroneous, counterfactual, unfounded statement you'll make in your entire life.

There is always time to:

• Take that trip you've wanted to.

• Write that novel you've been putting off.

• Pick up that life skill you've been lacking until now.

• Make new friends.

• Spend time with the old ones.

• Find a S.O. who makes those time-wasted hours seem worth it.

• Learn a new skill.

• Indulge an old one.

• Figure your life out so that you're happy and settled.

So congratulations! You're not actually the busiest person in the world, although you might be one of the laziest.

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But it's not too late. We all need to work on that.