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26 Dogs Enjoying Their Very First Christmas In Their Forever Homes

From baby pups to senior rescues, these Very Good Dogs™ are enjoying their first Christmas in their forever homes!

Mandy Caruso • 4 months ago
Mandy Caruso • 7 months ago
Mandy Caruso • 10 months ago

I Rewatched "Thumbelina" As A Grown Woman And I Have A Few Notes

Hans Christian Andersen, you shady queen.

Mandy Caruso • One year ago

Can You Guess How Much These Frightening Old Toys Are Actually Selling For?

One person's trash is another person's nightmare!

Mandy Caruso • One year ago
Mandy Caruso • One year ago

12 Fetishes That'll Make You Feel Vanilla As Fuck

*Casually fantasizes about eternal damnation*

Mandy Caruso • One year ago
Mandy Caruso • One year ago

18 Makeup Products Every Glamour Ghoul Needs On Their Vanity

Because you're weak for good packaging and you're tired of waiting 'til October for coffin-shaped compacts.

Mandy Caruso • One year ago

I Just Realized Something About Jim And Pam's Baby's Name

I'm on my 47th round of re-watching the series and it hits me: If Pam's memaw's name is Sylvia...

Mandy Caruso • One year ago

20 Terms Every True NYC Kid Knows The Meaning Of

You not official unless you fuck with this vocab, b.

Mandy Caruso • One year ago

The 19 Greatest "Yes The Fuck She Did" Movies Of All Time

They may not all be heroes, but one thing's for sure: Revenge is a dish best served... by a lady. Some spoilers ahead.

Mandy Caruso • One year ago
Mandy Caruso • One year ago

Only People Who Have Watched Sex And The City 500 Times Will Ace This Quiz

Doot doot do-do, doot doot doot do-do DUH DAH, DUH DAH, duh-da-dadala-dah...

Mandy Caruso • 2 years ago

I Debuted A Fake Superhero At Comic-Con And This Is What Happened

Well, didn’t quite make it to the convention hall. Something about zero tolerance for debaucherous mind control or whatever.

Can You Remember These Emo/Pop-Punk Albums?

This sudden death quiz will determine whether you truly are an emo kid or a poser. Make it through all 36 without a mistake, and revel in your victory (records).

Clark McCaskill • 2 years ago

16 Carousel Horses With Worse Anxiety Than You

And not just because they've all been impaled by rods.

Mandy Caruso • 4 years ago

The Definitive Ranking Of Terrifying Moments In Kid's Movies

Let's revisit the 20 creepiest moments in childhood classics where absolutely no one who was making them thought "but think of the children!"

Mandy Caruso • 4 years ago
Mandy Caruso • 4 years ago