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    20 Toys '90s Girls Have Legit Not Seen Since Childhood

    These are the deep cuts, folks.

    1. Shampoodle,!10003!US!-1

    Shampoodles had luscious curls you could brush and style, but the main feature was loading shampoo into their asses so when you squeezed them, suds would burst from their heads. ???

    2. Liddle Kiddles

    Liddle Kiddles first debuted as homely waifs in the '60s, but the new Kiddles were revamped upon their re-release because, sorry, us '90s kids demanded a little more fucking glamour in our playthings.

    3. Crimp'n Curl Ponies

    How satisfying was it to scrunch these wiry, cloth strands of hair and see them maintain their shape?! These ponies were thicc too.

    4. Littlest Pet Shop,

    The Littlest Pet Shop was this massive cult where all types of animals got cutesy makeovers and peacefully coexisted. Chances are you lost their accessories in an hour and only found them years later when you moved.

    5. Krystal Princess

    The '90s had a huge boner for teeny-tiny dolls who lived in some sort of plastic contraption. Now, we know it was all a commentary on the way capitalism traps women under glass ceilings under the guise of aspiration!

    6. Peppermint Rose,

    Peppermint Rose was a doll that came with perfume you could mix and spray (or, in my case, drink and get the Poison Control Center called). It also had a scented pet that was sold separately.

    7. Pony Surprise

    Giving kids false ideals about what C-sections were really like, Pony Surprises (also available in the Kitty, Puppy, and Cub variety) had velcro slits in their tummies that were stuffed with a surprise number of babies. Toys giving birth were so hot in the '90s!!!

    8. Sweet Secrets,

    Sweet Secrets was the toy you pestered your mom for at the grocery store just because it was there. One of the more useless toys on this list, to be frank.

    9. L'il Miss Makeup,

    L'il Miss Makeup was the beauty influencer all of these basic bishes wish they could be! Her makeup changed in cold water, and she looked like a subject of that old "Living Dolls" documentary on HBO. Fabulous!

    10. Brush-a-Loves

    Brush-A-Loves were vain little queens with brushes at the end of their tails and mirrors on their paw. You can't fight frowns if you not cute!!!

    11. Pillow People,

    These goofy-ass pillows were dumb, and I never loved them or wanted one.

    12. Mimi and the Goo Goos, Via

    LMAO, that name!!! I swear I would see these babies and their themed hideaways all over other friends' houses but never saw them in a store myself. I thought I hallucinated these for the longest time.

    13. Cupcakes

    These wee bitches had skirts made of some rubbery silicone material that could flip upwards to turn them into cupcakes. Okay, sis! Whatever makes you happy!

    14. Kitty Kitty Kittens,

    To this day, I believe it was just straight-up voodoo magic that allowed these adorable kitties to "purr" whenever you picked them up or rolled them around.

    15. Itzy Bitzy Pals

    The only feature these critters had were arms that barely moved up and down. Even as a toddler I was underwhelmed.

    16. Merwees


    Merwees checked everything off the '90s girl-toy list:

    ✔️ Tiny woman

    ✔️ Plastic home

    ✔️ Animal friend

    ✔️ Derivative as hell

    ✔️ Mermaid

    17. PJ Sparkles

    Miss PJ Sparkles was a glam baby doll by day and a terrifying light-up nightmare by dark.

    18. CurlyKittens

    It was such a simple time for little girls back then: All we wanted were mildly trampy animals with sparkly hair.

    19. Tea Bunnies

    Tea Bunnies lived in teacups, wore big hats, and came with cute little desserts. I never understood why they had flowery growths at the top of their ears, but hey, that's showbiz, baby.

    20. Diva Starz

    They looked like socialites on Valium and to view them from the back was to peek into Hades, but for a minute in the early 2000s we went crazy for these interactive dolls and their clip-on clothes...

    ...until the superior Bratz came along and changed the thotty big-headed teen-doll game for good.

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