You Have Homichlophobia, And So Does Everyone Else

    One minute you're having a nice walk; the next you can't see. Nope.

    There's a fear that plagues almost all humans, and it's called homichlophobia, or sometimes nebulaphobia.

    Otherwise known as a fear of fog.

    Think you don't have it? Well you do, because you surely wouldn't want to cross this bridge to nowhere.

    And would you knock on this door? Probably not.

    Still don't think fog is scary? Check out this IRL footage of a spooky figure running through the mist.

    Or what about this horrifying cloud tsumami rolling in like an apocalyptic tidal wave of fog?

    I mean, you just never know what horrors could be lurking close by, just out of sight.

    Something that every single horror movie or TV show uses to maximum, chilling effect.

    Then there's the way it turns familiar places unfamiliar, twisting your sense of direction so you get lost.

    Imagine: you're sitting by your window on a foggy evening. You can't see anything, then suddenly...

    And if you still think fog isn't scary, take a look at this and try to chill when you're driving home later:

    TL; DR, basically fog and mist can just piss off, thanks.