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20 Perfect Tweets That Sum Up Watching "Wonder Woman" As A Queer Woman

A land with no men? Sign me up!

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1. Leaving the theater and dealing with ALL of the emotions:

2. Trying to find directions home:

3. Following each and every Amazon woman you can find on every possible form of social media:


4. Reminding everyone and anyone who will listen that Wonder Woman is actually a queer character:

#WonderWoman makes my 24/24 gaydar beep 😬🌈

Look at the receipts, people. Know your stuff.

5. That moment in the theater when you snarfed your soft drink:

6. And you, from now on, forever:

7. When your straight friends are ~pining~ over Chris Pine:

8. And when they thought (stifles laughter) Steve Trevor was Diana's first kiss:


9. Discussing THAT scene with all the Amazon warriors kicking all the ass:

10. Pondering this next business venture:

11. Laughing through reviews written by straight men who apparently don't know queer women exist:

12. Admitting that your opinion might be biased, but damn:

13. Discussing 👏 the 👏 impact:

14. Going over your calendar for the rest of the month:


15. This poignant poetry:

16. Just being a Very Proud Mom™:

17. Talking up your WCW:

18. Just, this:

19. Arguing with your friends about Diana's love interest in the sequel:

20. *Starts online petition*

give diana prince a girlfriend in the wonder woman sequel 2k17

*Buys tickets to do it all over again*

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