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Show Us Your Most Fabulous Pride Outfit

Bust out the glitter — it's that time of year again.

Even though you're proud of who you are all year round, Pride Month comes but once a year — so your pride outfit needs to be 👏 on 👏 point.

From your hair to your totally-inappropriate-walking-shoes, this is your chance to shine and be completely (and fabulously) you.

So maybe you throw some sparkle and flair in there:

Or maybe you saved up to drop some dough on threads from LGBT-owned businesses, or from companies that benefit LGBT charities:

Maybe you found that perfect touch of rainbow:

And maybe you went with a group theme for the parade day:

Ellie Hall for BuzzFeed

Get it, girls.

Maybe, in your opinion, it's allllll about the accessories:

No matter what you end up wearing, what matters is that you rock it loud and proud.

Let's not forget the icing on the cake, the finishing touch of any look — the makeup.

So what did you wear to pride last year? Or what have you got in the works for this year? We need the inspo!

Share a photo and description of your best, most fabulous pride ensemble and you could be featured in an upcoming LGBT post or video! Tell us why you chose the outfit and how it made you feel, along with a photo, in the comments below.

Be as detailed as you can and let us know where you purchased your threads, if possible. Your stylin' choices could help some of us celebrate this June.

(People outfits only, sorry pup!)