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    19 Summer High Street Outfits On Non-Models

    Get your summer style.

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    1. These figure hugging jeans.

    2. This embroidered cold shoulder dress.

    3. This silky skirt.

    4. This striped dress.

    5. This oversize shirt dress.

    6. This floral wraparound.

    7. This camo army jacket.

    8. These beautiful floaty dresses.

    9. This vibrant skirt.

    10. This 80s-sleeved blouse.

    11. These powerful pink trousers.

    12. This canary yellow shirt.

    13. These kitty kat jeans.

    14. This pink wrap dress.

    15. This off-the-shoulder number.

    16. This flute-sleeved dress.

    17. This pool perfect swimsuit.

    18. This denim number.

    19. This sequin stunner.