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June 18, 2017

Can You Spend Between $9 And $10 At McDonald's?

And there's no Dollar Menu to save you.

Which Diva From "Ru Paul's Drag Race" Do You Share A Soul With?

Are you eccentric like Sharon Needles or fun like Bianca del Río?

Scuffles Between Police And Nationalists Break Out At Ukrainian Gay Pride Parade

Anti-LGBT nationalists tried and failed to incite violence at Kiev's Gay Pride Parade on Sunday.

Alex Jones Just Released A Father's Day Video To Sandy Hook Parents — But Didn't Apologize

The conspiracy theorist on Sunday offered his condolences to the parents of the 20 dead children, but did not apologize for repeatedly calling the massacre a hoax.

Can You Guess The Age Of These Facebook Users?

If you get 10/10, you've probably gone 300 weeks into someone's social media profile.

Parada LGBT em São Paulo tem tom político com "Fora Temer" e só 20 minutinhos de Anitta

Parada começou com o Hino Nacional e teve vários gritos contra o presidente — tanto do público, como dos microfones. Tema deste ano era Estado laico.



Le résumé pas chiant de la soirée électorale (si, si, promis, c'est pas chiant)

Finalement, il n'y aura aucun Kévin dans l'hémicycle. Mais bien Manuel Valls.

Are You More Of A Gallagher Or A Milkovich From "Shameless"?

Either way, your life is pretty rough.

The 10 Laziest Types Of Sex

Sometimes even the most passionate people feel a little lethargic.

Which Disney Channel School Should You Attend?

Get'cha head in the game, Wildcats!

Bet You Can't Spend Less Than $35 At Trader Joe's

Step away from the cookie butter.

10 Times Dad Was A Genius In Calvin And Hobbes

Some prime wisdom from everyone's favorite comics-dad.

Here's What It's Like To Convert To Islam In The Age Of Trump

Four Muslim Converts tell their story.

These Campfire Packets Are Anything But Boring

There's enough for every meal!

29 Products To Make Your House Feel Like Your Dream Home

"Hey now, hey now / this is what dreams are made of!" —Lizzie McGuire, singing about your house.

How Rare Is Your Knowledge Of Vegetables?

Can you identify these ten vegetables?

How The Grenfell Tower Fire Showed The Best And Very Worst Of The Media

Impersonating victims' relatives. Pretending to make donations. Photographing grieving survivors despite their pleas to stop. In the shadow of the ruined tower, survivors of the Grenfell fire have seen the dark side of the press. But some residents don't want the journalists to leave.

Years Of Neglect Caused The Grenfell Tower Fire, London's Mayor Sadiq Khan Says

The "tragedy we're seeing is a consequence of the mistakes and neglect from politicians from the council and from the government," the mayor of London said.

8 Stories From Two-Dad Families On Their Experiences With Parental Leave

"It was the hardest time of our lives and you need each other, you need that time."

To Understand James Comey, Talk To Benjamin Wittes

What a student of executive power and friend of James Comey makes of the first 147 days of Trump's presidency.

Can You Shop At Urban Outfitters Without Going Over Budget?

*goes to Urban to get one thing* *spends $500*

Jon-Michael Poff • 8 minutes ago

Can You Guess Which Celeb Has This Dad?

The most DAD AF quiz you'll ever take, presented by Getty Images.

25 Things No Woman Will Publicly Admit They've Done

Sssshhhh, don't tell anyone, but we all do it.

23 Of The Absolute Coolest Products On Amazon Launchpad Right Now

Featuring cooling towels, shoe sanitizers, greek yogurt makers, and 20 other products you should check out right now!

We Tried To Survive "The Rock's Diet" And Nearly Didn't Make It

"I wonder how much The Rock poops everyday."

Here’s How 15 Hardcore Athletes Train During Ramadan

Competitive athletes from around the world tell us how they stay in fighting shape while fasting for Ramadan.

Can You Buy An Outfit From Lululemon For Under $350?

Give your budgeting skills a ~workout~.

16 Things That'll Stop Bugs From Torturing You This Summer

"Bite me." —an insult that would not work with mosquitoes.

The Man Who Secretly Taped Planned Parenthood Could Be Going To Prison — Alongside His Criminal Lawyers

Last month, David Daleiden and his criminal defense lawyers released additional footage of abortion providers and the names of 14 of his accusers, possibly violating court injunctions and seals.

KICK THE CAN CREWが14年ぶりの新曲発表! 8月に新アルバム発売


18 Tumblr Posts You'll Want To Send To Your Best Friend Immediately

"The uglier the Snapchat, the closer the friendship."

How Normal Are Your "RuPaul's Drag Race" Opinions?

Time to make some impossible decisions.

Councils Across London Are Stepping In To Deal With The Grenfell Tower Fire Crisis

Update: London-wide councils are joining central government, the British Red Cross, and emergency services to take over Grenfell Tower fire operations from local authorities in Kensington and Chelsea.

27 personnes qui sont clairement les «grands penseurs» de leur génération

Et nous autres pauvres benêts qui sommes coincés en 2017.

À quelle maison de Poudlard appartenez-vous au lit?

Le seul moment où appartenir à Serpentard ne paraît pas si mal.

Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, One Direction: quand le mépris pour la pop culture sert d’excuse au sexisme

Le traitement réservé à Ariana Grande, Harry Styles ou Beyoncé témoigne de la méconnaissance, voire du mépris assumé, de certains médias à l'égard d'artistes dont le public est jeune et féminin.



How Newspapers Lost Their Monopoly On Influencing Voters In The 2017 General Election

The Sun and the Daily Mail sell 3 million copies a day between them. But their decades-long claim to dominating public opinion may have finally come to an end.

Kochi Metro Normalises Trans People At Work With This Message To Passengers

Yet again, Kerala has set an example not only for the rest of India, but for the world.

It's Time To Find Out How Many Popular Sitcoms You've Seen

You've probably seen more than you think.

Another Noose Was Found Outside A National Museum In Washington, DC

A noose was found outside the National Art Gallery Saturday, marking the third time a noose has been spotted at museums surrounding the National Mall in Washington, DC, in recent weeks.



トランプ時代を歌うコメディアン 「ポジティブな力になれ」と語る


One Of The Highest Profile House Republicans Is Stepping Down. These Three Men Are Vying To Replace Him

Former Utah lawmaker Chris Herrod emerged victorious at a GOP convention Saturday, setting up a three-way race to replace Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

36 Times Seth Rogen's Mom Was Twitter Goals

She's like your mom, only better.

Skinheads Bragged About Bashing An "American Faggot": New Evidence At Third Inquest Into Gay Man's Death

Scott Johnson was found dead at the bottom of a Manly cliff in 1988. What happened to him?

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Says He Won't Be Taking A Job With The Trump Administration After All

Sheriff David Clarke said he's withdrawn his acceptance of a job with the Department of Homeland Security. But the federal agency has never publicly admitted he was offered the post.

17 Fake Deep Things You Did In High School

No shade, but you were the worst type of person in high school.

People Try Jolly Rancher Pop-Tarts

"It tastes like Valentine's day. I see like teddy bears, rose petals and red balloons"

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