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Find Your Zen With This No Mess Magnetic Sand Box

So satisfying.

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Shadow box

Hot glue gun






1. Unhinged the frame of the shadow box and remove the inner parts of the shadow box. 2. Make sure the picture frame glazing is plastic or acrylic and not glass.

2. Carefully add hot glue to the inner frame of your shadow box.

3. While the glue is still hot, carefully place the glazing onto the frame.

4. Add another layer of hot glue to the inner part of your shadow box.

5. While the glue is still hot, place the inner frame of the shadow box inside.

6. Add sand and a pinball to the inside of your shadow box. As a optional step you can add glitter and colored sand.

7. Place the backing of the shadow box onto your frame and close the back.

8. Create a seal by adding a layer of hot glue where the frame meets the back of your shadow box.

9. Add legs to your shadow box by gluing wooden squares to the the back of your box.

10. Place a magnet onto the back of your frame and use it to locate the pinball inside of the shadow box.

11. Flip your shadow box over and use the magnet to move the pinball around to create patterns.

12. Shake the shadow box to erase the design.

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