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June 25, 2017

Can You Live Like A College Student For A Week Without Going Broke?

Looks like it's ramen every night this week.

The Definitive Ranking Of Lindsay Lohan Movie Characters

Every Lindsay character is an icon, btdubbs, but only one can be that icon.

19 Book Things The "Game Of Thrones" Show Got Wrong

Where the hell is Arianne Martell?

At Least Seven People Died After A Crowded Tourist Boat Sank In Colombia

Authorities are investigating why a ferry carrying about 160 people suddenly capsized on Sunday.

How Good Are You At Color Mixing?

Mix it up a little.

Could You Survive Working In A Professional Kitchen?

Not everyone has what it takes to cook with the pros.

22 Unforgettable Things All Early-'00s Tween Girls Did In The Summer

Back when your biggest concern was tending to your Neopets.

The World Is Ending, Just As It's Always Been

Humans have often feared that the apocalypse is nigh. So why does it feel like things are worse now than they’ve ever been? And what, if anything, can we do about it?

幼い子供と遺されて 若い母親をがんで失うということ


Can You Actually Identify Which Country This Money Is From?

Do you really know what currency looks like around the world?

CNN Is Imposing Strict New Rules On Its Russia Coverage

The decision came after the network deleted and retracted a story on Friday.

Should You Order A Pizza Tonight?

Because you need a quiz to make every decision for you.

29 Random Things You'll Want To Tell Everyone Immediately Even Though They're Completely Useless

"Humanity has collectively spent about 11,300 years watching the 'Love the Way You Lie' music video on YouTube."

19 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Iridescent lipstick, a mermaid blanket, a mud mask, and 16 other favorite products from our recent posts.

Moscow Is Recalling Russia's Ambassador To The US Amid Election Controversy

After nearly 10 years at the nexus of US–Russia relations, Washington’s most radioactive diplomat is headed back to Moscow.

21 Places To Shop For Clothes In Your 30s

In case festival wear isn't really your jam anymore. Updated September 2018.

Here's How People Celebrated Pride Around The World

Cities including New York, Mexico City, and Paris showed their LGBT pride over the weekend with marches and festivals.

13 Wikipedia Articles On Doomsday Cults That Will Weird You Out

Some late night, end-of-the-world reading anyone?

Why Would Anyone Ever Leave California!

If 365 days of summer can't convince you then here are good dozen reasons to pile on..

Here's Chelsea Manning Celebrating At The New York City Pride Parade

The ACLU shared a photo of Chelsea Manning on a float at the New York City parade.

Fold Bath Towels Into Adorable Animals

Make houseguests feel like they're at Disneyland!

27 Utterly And Completely Gorgeous Bras For Big Boobs

D-D-Damn, these bras are gorgeous!

Este sorbet super fácil de manga é delicioso

E leva apenas três ingredientes!

Someone Left A Burned And Bacon-Filled Qur'an At A Mosque During Ramadan

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department's hate crime detectives are investigating.

24 Cats That Are So Big It's Mildly Shocking

These are definitely not cats.

Police Broke Up Istanbul's Banned Pride Parade With Plastic Bullets And Dogs

Police in Istanbul arrested people gathering for Istanbul's LGBTQ Pride Parade today, reportedly using plastic bullets and dogs to disperse protesters.

Could You Make It To The End Of Big Brother?

Expect the unexpected houseguests.

Six Police Officers Were Injured During Protests Over The Death Of A Black Man Following A Police Stop

Updated: Six police officers were injured during protests over the death of Edir Frederico Da Costa after being stopped by police. His family told BuzzFeed News on Friday that they did not want the protest to go ahead and were afraid a riot would break out.

Why Venmo Is My Favorite Sympathy Card

Turns out, the app that is mostly used to pay for your share of Ubers and bar tabs is also a fantastic way to be there for someone when they are in crisis.

24 Pictures That Capture The Stunning Beauty Of Unique Skin

"I look for beauty in what many see as flawed in society."

12 "Would You Rather" Questions About The Apocalypse

Zombies, diseases, disasters, oh my.

19 Insanely Beautiful Eid Outfits

Eid Mubarak, Y'all. <3

Women Prank Their Boyfriends With A Fake Wedding

"You want to get married right now?"

17 Of The Funniest Tweets By Women This Week

"How did Scooby Snacks even get off the ground? Their business model is making food for one specific dog."

27 Kitchen Products That Actually Do What They Say They Will

Worth the drawer or counter space! The products in this post were updated in June 2018.

17 Things You Totally Need If You're Currently Reading This Post From Your Bed

In other words.... things you need if you're lazy AF.

Sherman Alexie on How Trump is Turning the US Into a Reservation

Sherman Alexie on what it means for Trump to treat the entire country like a reservation — and writing a memoir about a great woman who was not a great mother.

23 Microwave Meals You Can Make When It's Too Hot To Cook

Make 'em in your dorm room, at work, or when you're just feeling lazy.

Just A Bunch Of Funny Tweets People With Vaginas Will Appreciate

"I want Olive Garden to murder my vagina."

Six People Were Injured When A Car Collided With A Crowd Celebrating Eid In Newcastle

One woman has been arrested, but Northumbria police said the incident is not thought to have been terror-related.

More Than 150 People Are Dead After An Oil Tanker Exploded In Pakistan

Images and videos of thick dark black smoke and dead bodies from the incident are circulating on social media.

Dieses Creamy Lemon Chicken solltest du auf dem Plan haben

Mach dir keinen Kopf, sondern mach das hier!

Ich bin schwul und Instagram ruiniert mein Leben

Früher habe ich mich mit Models in Zeitschriften verglichen. Jetzt ist Instagram die Zeitschrift.

Trump Refuses To Blame Obama For Resistance To The Senate Health Care Bill Draft

Trump also said he thinks the several Republicans who are holding out support for the current health care bill draft can be convinced.

«Je ne m’attendais pas à autant de sexisme dans les assos LGBT»

Dans la foulée des débats sur le mariage pour tous, de nombreuses femmes homos ou bi ont voulu s’investir dans le mouvement LGBT, accusé d’être dominé par les hommes gays. Mais cinq après, le bilan de certaines militantes est amer.

39 choses dégueu que font la plupart des couples en secret

Plus vous êtes dégoûtants, plus vous vous aimez.

David Davis Just Admitted He's "Not 100% Sure" The UK Will Get A Brexit Deal

The Brexit minister also refused to rule out a leadership challenge against Theresa May.

11 Happy Little Things To Make You Smile This Week

Fact: smiling makes you feel better.

Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, And Christians Showed Us What They Wear When They Worship

Five couples showed BuzzFeed News the clothes and accessories they wear when they pray or attend their place of worship.

ローラ、小嶋陽菜… あの芸能人が着ているTシャツのブランドは?

Tシャツが着たくなる季節になりましたね! ぜひ参考に。



The 24 Most Staggeringly Beautiful Places In Scotland

All of these places are stunning, and these photos will leave you speechless.

12 "Would You Rather" Questions That Are Not For The Faint Hearted

Those without an iron stomach should proceed with caution.

Say Goodbye To The Outgoing Passenger Card

Paper outgoing passenger cards will be removed from July 1.



Police Reviewing Incident Involving Two Officers And A Homeless Man After Footage Goes Viral

The footage shows two NSW Police officers confronting a man in Sydney's CBD at a traffic light.

Trump Broke Tradition By Foregoing Annual White House Eid Al-Fitr Celebration

By foregoing the annual dinner, the Trump White House broke with a tradition upheld by the past three administrations.

アラサー驚愕! 藤井四段が生まれた年が最近すぎる…


あの人も「政界渡り鳥」? 党を渡り歩いてきたのは小池百合子都知事だけではない


Someone Inserted Theresa May Into “Monty Python & The Holy Grail” And It’s Perfect

The UK prime minister can’t expect to wield supreme executive power, surely.

Sheriff's Department Admits It Wrongly Identified Dead Man Weeks After His Funeral

The family of the 57-year-old homeless man who was wrongly identified plans to file a legal claim against the county.

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