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    21 Places To Shop For Clothes In Your 30s

    In case festival wear isn't really your jam anymore. Updated in September, 2018.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best places to shop for clothes when you're in your 30s. Here are some of their faves!

    1. Mango


    Their regular prices are about on par with Gap, but their end of season sales are amazing. (Their Violeta plus size line only goes to 18 in dresses and XL in tops, but the jeans go up to 22.)


    Top, $36; shoes, $50.

    2. Eileen Fisher (yes!), Eileen Fisher

    For shoes especially. They last forever and are cute and comfortable.

    — Nicole Nguyen, BuzzFeed

    Sandals, $185; dress, $238.

    3. Eloquii, Eloquii

    They carry from size 12 and up, they're very well made, and there's almost always a coupon code so you're not paying "full" price.


    Dress, $111; swimsuit, $120.

    4. Marine Layer,

    They have comfortable basics that aren't bland and that embody this effortless California chic. I want to be effortlessly California chic.

    — Jess Misener, BuzzFeed

    Scarf, $58; joggers, $70.

    5. Uniqlo,

    I live for Uniqlo. They have good quality basics that don't break the bank, cool T-shirt prints that feel on trend, and their heat-tech layering shirts and bras are so comfortable!


    Jacket, $20; dress, $20.

    6. Madewell


    Madewell! Best denim on the planet. As I entered my 30's I started to feel like my old clothes were a bit childish. I love that Madewell is stylish and trendy but looks much more sophisticated.


    Dress, $50; bag, $138.

    7. JC Penney,

    JC Penney can be totally hit or miss, but if you're on a budget and looking for some fashionable stuff it's worth a look.

    Also they're always sending out $10 off $25 coupons.


    Bomber jacket, $32.99; Swimsuit, $50.

    8. Aritzia,

    Aritzia is a Canadian store that has more and more locations opening in the States. It's current, classic, trendy, and unique all at once. The pieces aren't cheap, but they'll last forever. You'll find everything from sweats to workwear to more formal pieces. Always my go-to store.


    Bodysuit, $50; dress, $175.

    9. Dynamite


    I love shopping at Dynamite it's just starting to open more shops in the US. It's always on trend, not too pricey, and really cute pieces that you can wear to work and it to dinner on a date or with friends. Really versatile, age appropriate, trendy, sexy clothes.


    Shorts, $35; jacket, $40.

    10. Loralette, Loralette

    I'm limited being plus size and what not, but Loralette is awesome. It's an extension of Avenue, and it's a good middle ground between Forever 21 and Avenue.


    Bodysuit, $27; jeans, $20.

    11. LeTote

    I do LeTote clothing rental. I think it is WAY better than Stitch Fix. I describe it as a clothing library. You can wear the clothes and keep them only if you want them, or send them back and get more. They even have a maternity option, which is useful!


    Blouse, $58.

    12. Ross

    I bargain shop at Ross, specifically in their dress section. I need to dress business casual for work and I find loads of cute on trend things at Ross.


    13. Old Navy

    Old Navy

    I do tend to stick to Old Navy for the basics like jeans, tanks, t-shirts, and flip-flops, of course. I also really like their athletics line, so I get a lot of my gym clothes there.


    Pants, $34; sports bra, $28.

    14. COS,

    I like symmetry and don’t buy that many clothes. This store is a little pricier, but everything I own from there lasts ages and doesn’t bore me after a few months.

    — Lam Vo, BuzzFeed

    Silk trousers, $175; top, $89.

    15. Target


    Target, specifically the Merona and Mossimo lines. Cute, age-appropriate, and budget-friendly.


    Romper, $40; jacket, $30.

    16. Kohl's,

    Especially their Sonoma brand for casual clothes and Lauren Conrad's line is for great work and date night outfits.


    Dress, $25; bag, $44.

    17. Style Saint,

    Daily, romantic, and low key ethereal clothing.


    Skirt, $98; shirt, $54.

    18. White House Black Market,

    They have awesome sales all the time.

    — Lindsay Taylor, Facebook

    Dress, $77; bag, $70.

    19. Thrift stores

    Arminstautberlin / Getty Images

    I've picked up some like-new jeans from White House/Black Market, Michael Kors, and Ann Taylor for $5 each on lucky Goodwill trips. The trick is to find the store that is in or closest to a wealthy area. When the rich folks get rid of unwanted expensive clothes, that's where they're most likely to drop them off.

    — Amelia Hannum, Facebook

    The selection is consistently better than what I see elsewhere, and the prices are MUCH friendlier to my budget.

    — Phoebe Kenny, Facebook

    20. Gap Factory

    Gap Factory

    Gap Factory has frequent sales. Plus, during certain times you can earn "gap cash" which you can redeem later for more savings.

    — Amber Bamber, Facebook

    Shirt, $32; hoodie, $21.

    21. Stitch Fix

    That way I don't have to think for myself.

    — Amy Astry Chase, Facebook

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. Not all submissions are from Community members.

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