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We'll Bet You Can't Spend $1 Million On A Wedding

For richer or...richer.

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DRAMAAAAA: Your best frenemy Madison St. Blaise recently got married, and ever since she won't shut up about how her wedding cost a whopping $900,000. (She won't stop posting her wedding photos on Facebook, either.)

Now it's YOUR turn to walk down the aisle, and you know that the only way to really stick it to Madison is to spend more money than she did. In fact, you know you'll need to spend AT LEAST $1 million on YOUR wedding to really claim victory.

Here's the catch: Madison knows what you're up to, and she's convinced all the wedding vendors to hide the prices of everything you're looking for. (Typical Madison.) So you have to choose WITHOUT knowing what anything costs. Ready to make Madison green with envy? Let's get wedding planning!