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Why Would Anyone Ever Leave California!

If 365 days of summer can't convince you then here are good dozen reasons to pile on..

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8 National Parks right here including Yosemite and Death Valley along with hidden gems like Channel Islands NP

Family Fun all year long - Yosemite National Park

Lowest, Hottest and Driest - Death Valley National Park

Close to LA yet worlds apart - Channel Islands NP

Gorgeous cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and of course San Diego just to name a few..

City by the bay - San Francisco

Land of Stars and DisneyLand - Los Angeles

A Happy Place - San Diego

Stunning California coastline along with World Class Beaches like Santa Monica, Santa Cruz and La Jolla

Yoga at sunset - Santa Monica

Reflection at Santa Cruz pier

Watching waves at La Jolla

..and yes a few out of the ordinary ones like Vasquez (Star Trek) Rocks and..

..the Dying Salton Sea

Oh.. and of course America's most photographed tree

The Lone Cypress at 17 mile drive

The Lone Cypress at 17 mile drive

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