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    15 Name-Brand Products You Should Always Buy Instead Of The Knock-Offs

    "Fuck those RoseArt crayons." —you guys.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what name brand products they prefer over the generic (or knock-off) versions. Here's where their loyalties lie:

    1. Cling Wrap, because it will actually let you properly rip off a piece.

    2. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, an absolute blessing when it comes to getting scuffs off walls.

    3. Tylenol, it just makes you feel like you're getting better, faster.

    4. Band-Aids, they're just a better option for anyone with sensitive skin.

    5. Puffs facial tissues, for when you demand texture that won't take skin off your face.

    6. Crayola crayons, they actually do their job...unlike other brands. Ahem, RoseArt.

    7. Charmin, because life is too short for shitty sandpaper-like toilet paper.

    8. Reynolds Wrap, it won't tear and break off in pieces when you fold it.

    9. BIC lighters, because you should accept no substitutes when it comes to reliability.

    10. Dawn dish soap, it's potent enough that you only need a little bit to get through your chores.

    11. Tide detergent, it comes in lovely little pods and works for those who have sensitive skin.

    12. Tampax or Kotex, for tampons... because everything else just feels like you're getting acid burns.

    13. Abreva, for getting rid of cold sores in a matter of days.

    14. Dove soap, it smells fresh and won't cake up on you.

    15. Windex, because other cleaners never quite get the job done.

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