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    17 Pictures You Can Actually Hear Even Though There's No Sound

    You'll hear it all in your head.

    1. Read each one of these and hear the sound in your head:

    2. Hear the sound of this door stopper:

    3. And the sound of laminated paper wobbling:

    4. Owen Wilson saying "wow":

    5. The priest from Princess Bride:

    20th Century Fox

    6. And the old woman, too:

    20th Century Fox

    7. This beat:

    8. Bet you can hear Natalie Dormer's accent:


    9. Or the sound these make when they connect:

    10. If you're a Spongebob fan, you'll be able to hear this photo:

    11. And any child of the '90s can hear this:

    Warner Bros.

    12. You'll definitely have this song in your head in a second:

    13. And this one too, even though the lyrics are wrong:

    14. Can you hear the clacking?

    15. Or the sound of this splash screen?

    Nintendo / Via

    16. Or the TV static?

    17. If none of those worked, one of these has to:

    (If you're American, that is.)

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