24 Cats That Are So Big It's Mildly Shocking

    These are definitely not cats.

    1. This is not a cat, this is an adolescent lion.

    2. And this is the NBA's Shaquille O'Neal.

    3. This is a furry dinosaur.

    4. This is a land walrus.

    5. This is my Uncle Henry cuddling his cat.

    6. This is a very big loaf of bread. Like the biggest loaf of bread you've ever seen.

    7. This is a bowling ball with legs.

    8. This is a pony!!! A real life pony!!!

    9. This is a very tall woman in a fur coat.

    10. This is an anaconda. Ssssssss.

    11. This animal is part moose.

    12. This is a dog in a cat costume.

    13. This is the dragon from Neverending Story.

    14. This is a very wise wizard who happens to be six feet tall.

    15. This is my daughter Amelia, she is getting so big. And that's her human.

    16. This is the actual Loch Ness Monster.

    17. This is a mighty oak tree.

    18. This is a looming rain cloud.

    19. This is the entire continent of South America.

    20. This is a bunch of cats in a trench coat.

    21. This can be seen from space.

    22. This is an animal on stilts.

    23. This is the ocean.

    24. And OK fine this one is a cat BUT LOOK HOW BIG HE IS. 😍