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June 7, 2017

18 Old Chrissy Teigen Tweets That Belong In A Museum

"Mmmmm OK, this is sad, I post too much."

Broccoli Chicken Alfredo Lasagna

Easy dinner, easy life.

Este video de EPN "portando un arma" está generando las teorías de la conspiración más locas

¿Quién habría dicho que Facebook estaba lleno de expertos criminólogos?

If You Do More Than 10 Out Of These 16 Things, You Definitely Leave Everything For The Last Minute

Why do anything on Monday when you can save literally everything for the end of the day on Friday?

Athletic Women Saw Their Bodies With No Muscles And It Was Crazy

"We're used to other people telling us what we're supposed to look like."

¿Es posible alterar el PREP y el conteo de los votos? Un experto nos explica

Las elecciones en el Estado de México y Coahuila han despertado el fantasma del fraude entre algunos sectores de la población.

33 Childhood Things Nobody Under The Age Of 32 Will Understand

Remember when you used to think that a Dancing Coke Can was the coolest thing ever?

Friends Of The Woman Who Urged Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself Read Her Texts Out Loud In Court Today

Michelle Carter, 20, is on trial for allegedly pressuring Conrad Roy — through text messages — to kill himself in 2014.

21 Chats de parejas que te harán apreciar tu soltería

"BuzzFeed, deja de espiar mi chat con mi ex."

The Fight To Kill The Global Gag Rule Forever May Have Gotten A Boost From Trump

The Global HER Act is a long-shot — but supporters say its odds are improved by the harshness of the Trump policy it would repeal.

Sit Down, Child — Watch These Slime Videos And Relax With Me

So slimey so good so slimey so good so slimeyyy.

Just 18 Really Funny Tweets About James Comey's Beautifully Written Testimony

"Is Beyoncé doing the Comey halftime show or are we stuck with goddamn Coldplay again?"

O que você precisa saber sobre a nova versão do iPad

Com novo hardware e uma nova geração do sistema operacional, cheia de melhorias específicas para tablets, a Apple quer fazer do iPad seu principal computador.

The Trump Administration Just Did McDonald's And Uber A Big Favor

The Secretary of Labor just made life easier for fast food giants and on-demand apps.

Psych Hospital At The Center Of BuzzFeed News Investigation Will Lose State Funding

BuzzFeed News revealed frequent violence and dangerous staff practices at Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health. Now Oklahoma has notified the hospital it will no longer send young patients there and will soon end its Medicaid funding.

The Pentagon Doesn’t Expect Qatar To Revoke Access To A Base That Hosts 10,000 US Troops

“They need us as much as we need them,” a US official told BuzzFeed News.

Esta advogada foi a primeira pessoa trans a falar na tribuna do STF e sua defesa foi emocionante

"Se estou aqui perante vossas excelências é porque sou uma sobrevivente."

Apple Is Sharing Its Secret iPhone Screen Repair Machine

Four hundred new locations across the world will have screen fixing machines.

The Beginning Of The End Of Obama's Wall Street Legacy

The Financial CHOICE Act would roll back the Dodd-Frank bank regulations and gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Qué dice tu nombre sobre tu futuro

¿Qué estaban pensando tus padres?

15 Haunting Photos From The Abandoned Ghost Towns Of Sinabung

“What would you take if you had to leave your homes and never come back?”

15 Times Kim Kardashian Was A Total "Sex And The City" Fangirl

But is she more of a Carrie or a Samantha?

Shop The Look Test Post

desc desc desc desc desc desc desc desc desc desc desc desc desc desc

These US Vets Served The Country, But That Didn’t Stop Them From Being Deported

US military vets who aren’t citizens face deportation if they’re convicted of crimes, from DUIs to felonies. Now some lawmakers are trying to change that and think Trump is the man to do it.

たばこをやめた肺がん患者が語る 受動喫煙「被害者にも加害者にもしないで」


Cheese Lovers Take The Ultimate Cheese Road Trip

“And that’s how you milk a water buffalo.”



14 Cosas que pasan cuando eres la más linda de todas

Es una bendición y maldición al mismo tiempo.

Here's Why I Could Never Be A Server

TIP: ______ *customer writes: "me over and pour me out"*

Even Oprah Can't Afford To Save "Underground"

"It's like, $5 million an episode — can't afford it."

This Woman's Post About Her Body And Her Husband Is Going Viral And It's Amazing

"Over the years, this man has loved every curve, every roll, and every stretch mark on my body."

MTV Was At Its Trashy Reality TV Prime In 2007

The Hills, Next, Parental Control, and the list goes on!

Arma un helado de yogurt y te diremos a qué universidad perteneces realmente

La verdad de tu corazón académico se encuentra en los toppings.

14 coisas que só pessoas que têm labirintite sabem

A vertigem causa medo e ansiedade, e o medo e a ansiedade pioram as crises.

Você é uma pessoa fresca para comer?

Atenção: este teste pode te deixar com fome OU com ânsia de vômito.

When Your Parents Don't Speak English

"Yes, yes. Que fue lo que dijo?"

How Black People Could Swing The Vote In Croydon Central, London's Most Marginal Seat

We spoke to people in Croydon for their thoughts on the general election, and asked them which way they'll be voting.

Nope, A Woman Didn't Fake Being Blind For 28 Years To Avoid Social Interactions

The viral hoax started as a joke on a satirical Spanish website.

Los periodistas mexicanos se están organizando para hacer frente a la violencia y la impunidad

La iniciativa #AgendaDePeriodistas es impulsada por sesenta organizaciones y medios de comunicación de México.

Black Women Have Come Out In Support Of Diane Abbott After She Stepped Down Due To Illness

People have been using the hashtag #AbbottAppreciation to celebrate the Labour politician's 30-year career after she was temporarily replaced as shadow home secretary.

15 motivos pelos quais festa junina dá de dez na balada


Estas problematizações foram um pouquinho longe demais

Tem hora que passa um pouquinho do ponto, né?

18 People Who Took Their Love Of Food Too Fucking Far

Like why are you bathing in pancakes?

This Palestinian Man Might Be Deported As His Daughter Fights A Rare Cancer

Federal officials said his asylum application was denied, and that he is now here illegally.

22 Cheap Things You Should Treat Yourself To Right Now

Money doesn't buy happiness, but it *does* buy some pretty cool thingamabobs.

Here's How The Last 13 Hours Of Theresa May's Glum Campaign Played Out

This is what it was like travelling with the prime minister's motorcade on the final day of campaigning before polls open on Thursday.

The iPhone Will Soon Allow You To Screen Record And People Are Both Excited And Scared

"This is taking dragging culture to a whole new level. Tea and receipts have been upgraded."

Só o índio não contactado da Amazônia não sabia da delação da Odebrecht, diz ministro

Exemplo foi usado pelo relator Herman Benjamin ao desqualificar a tentativa da defesa de Dilma e Temer de tirar a empreiteira do processo que pode cassar a chapa.

18 Revelations From Comey's Senate Testimony About Trump And Russia

The former FBI director will read a statement to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday. Read it here now.

Será que o(a) seu(ua) ex sente secretamente a sua falta?

Este teste pode te ajudar a decodificar os sinais.

Here’s How To Be Kinder To Your Fasting Friends This Ramadan

A few dos and don'ts to help you both get through the month.

Meet One Of The Oldest Youtubers In The World

106-year-old Mastanamma from India is a pro at cooking and a very successful Youtuber.

This Barber Gives Over 700 Free Haircuts To Homeless Kids Per Year

This trailer drives around to homeless shelters to provide haircuts for homeless LGBT youth.

Scientists Made Heart Tissue From A Spinach Leaf

Scientists have grown human tissue on a spinach leaf, with aims to use the plant to solve the chronic shortage of donor organs.

This Woman Transformed Her Vitiligo Into Powerful Body Art

"It's a part of me, and I would never change it for the world."

This Is The Squat-Your-Dog Challenge

The squat-your-dog challenge is the most adorable fitness trend on the internet.

How To Regrow Fruit From Your Kitchen

Here's everything you need to know!

18 coisas que só os casais "de boa" entendem

Não é porque vocês não ficam se agarrando em público que vocês não se amam.

18 Books From 2007 You Forgot How Much You Loved

So many vampires, so little time.

Selena Gomez, Are You Kidding Me Right Now?!?!?

She's too good for us, also slightly nsfw if you're sensitive to human nipples.

For These Labour Candidates, Brexit Might Be The Difference Between Winning And Losing

In an election that was supposed to be about Brexit, but where the parties have hardly discussed the issue, two Labour candidates tell BuzzFeed News it's been central to their campaigns.

18 Posts For When You're Trying To Eat Healthier

Everything you've ever wanted to know about nutrition, but, like, simply explained.

23 Cheap Products That'll Actually Keep Your Kitchen Organized

♫ Where are you pot lids? Why can't I find you? ♫

It Turns Out Modern Humans Are Probably Much, Much Older Than We Thought

New discoveries at a site in Morocco suggest that Homo sapiens was around 100,000 years earlier than previously shown.

Si no te ríes de mínimo 15 de estos 30 chistes, felicidades, estás muerto por dentro

Apréndetelos y haz sentir incómodos a todos los meseros de la colonia.

Here's Why The Hell Everyone Is Talking About Qatar Lately

It's a tiny country the size of Connecticut that punches above its diplomatic weight. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have had enough of that, and are bringing the US along for the ride.

9 ideias de presentes de Dia dos Namorados para jovens com alma velha

Para seu mozão adulto que gosta mesmo é de ir na Leroy Merlin.

If You Can Get 10/12 In This Human Biology Exam You're Basically A Genius

Scottish teenagers take exams like these; are you smarter than them?

The Tories Are Exploiting A New Loophole To Launch A Last-Minute Facebook Ad Blitz

The Conservatives have found a way to push localised anti-Corbyn Facebook adverts into key constituencies without having to worry about breaking local spending limits.

This Is The Most Beautiful Laugh In The World

It's like the audio version of a perfect pot of boiling water.

What's Your Cooking IQ?

It's thyme to put your cooking skills to the test!

Police And Muslim Leaders Came Together To Pay Tribute To Victims Of The London Bridge Attack

Those gathered included police officers who were among the first to attend the scene of Saturday night's attack, in which eight people died and 48 were injured.

Judge Rejects Uber's Bid To Pause Self-Driving Car Lawsuit

Uber had asked a federal judge to put court proceedings on hold pending its attempt to send the trade secrets lawsuit into arbitration.

Nicola Sturgeon Says The SNP Is The Real Pro-Corbyn Party In Scotland

The first minister insists she agrees on more with Jeremy Corbyn than the Scottish Labour party ever will.

Selena Gomez On "13 Reasons Why" Criticism And The Importance Of Those Uncomfortable Scenes

“Whether or not you wanted to see it, that’s what’s happening.”

In Pictures: The Last Day Of General Election Campaigning

They took to the streets, the beach, a bowling club, and the podium in a final appeal for votes.

21 Comfort Foods That British People Crave Constantly

There's no such thing as too much butter on a crumpet.

22 Things Jennifer Garner Has Carried

Just call her Super Mom.

A Lot Of People Think The Blackpool Gazette Has Epically Trolled The Tories

The newspaper ran a front page advert for the Conservatives directly below a story about poverty-hit families turning to food banks.

People Are Trolling Ivanka Trump's "Why I Disagree With My Dad" Cover Story In Us Weekly

It's basically become the anti-"Future That Liberals Want" meme.

These Six Brazilian Desserts Are Gonna Blow Your Mind

If you've never heard of brigadeiros, your life is about to change forever.

29 Ridiculously Cool Things You Can Get At OpenSky Right Now

One-stop shopping for the coolest products you didn't know you needed.

Here's How To Make 4 School Lunches For Your Kids With 1 Rotisserie Chicken

Talk about saving time and just making life easier.

People Are Unleashing Their Pettiest Subtweets Thanks To This Dude's Twitter

"Bitch uses healing crystals and doesn't shower and has the nerve to come for ME?"

Tell Us Your Exact Birthday And We'll Tell You Which City You Belong In

Give us the day, month, and year, and we'll tell you where you'll be happiest in the world.

Dunkin' Donuts Has No Interest In The "Third Wave" Coffee Trend

"I don't want our people to be deflected by worrying about the beans of the roastery," its CEO told BuzzFeed News. "I have been very clear that we're not doing it."

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a label printer, beauty sponges, cat litter mat, and more!

16 Verdades sobre la comida que suenan falsas... pero son 100% reales

¿El tomate no va en la nevera porque pierde el sabor?

Benghazi Suspect Argues Prosecutors Shouldn’t Get To Use Any Statements He Made At Sea

Ahmed Abu Khatallah’s lawyers are challenging the legality of alleged statements he made to FBI agents during his 13-day voyage by boat from Libya to the United States.

Someone Asked TLC If They Still Have A "No Scrubs" Policy And Their Response Is Epic

No, I don't want your number / No, I don't wanna give you mine...

Some Scientists Have Weighed A Star Using Gravity, Light, And Einstein's Equations

It's a powerful confirmation not only of Einstein's theories, but also of our understanding of how stars form, evolve, and die.

13 plats maghrébins pour le ramadan qui vont vous faire saliver

Les délices sucrés et salés du Maghreb > tout.

Go Shopping At Zara And We'll Reveal What Meal You Should Make For Dinner

Food and clothes are a girl's two best friends.

No sabes nada sobre Portugal y este test te lo va a demostrar

¿Sabes algo del país que tenemos literalmente al lado?

23 Cosas que definitivamente te pasarán al ver 'Huye'

Objetos que no te daban miedo antes de ver la película -> Tazas de té <- Objetos que te dan miedo después de verla.

The New MacBook Is Almost Perfect

Apple’s barely there, recently updated MacBook is *this* close to being the Ultimate Laptop.

The First iMac Update In Two Years Ships Today

The new 2017 iMac has all-modern innards, but still looks very much like it did in 2012.

22 Splurge-Worthy Gifts You'll Want To Spoil Dad With This Father's Day

Time for you and your siblings to team up and give dad a gift he'll actually want!

18 Of The Best Places To Order Gift Baskets Online

Love is sending a whole ton of fruit, chocolate, wine, spa necessities, and so much more.

Ministro diz que só não ouviu dono de cabaré para encerrar processo da chapa Dilma-Temer

O relator Herman Benjamin disse que atendeu sucessivos pedidos de advogados e só recusou aqueles levariam o julgamento ao infinito.

Can You Handle This "Which Movie Must Go" Quiz?

WARNING: These choices will most likely stress you out.

These Curry Chefs Feel Let Down Over Brexit And Now They Have No Idea Who To Vote For

Restaurant bosses are furious at politicians who promised them work permits in exchange for Brexit votes and are now offering them no assurances on immigration.

Sabemos como será seu anel de noivado a partir de suas escolhas de maquiagem

♫ "If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it" ♫

14 Boob Situations That Are Way Too Fucking Real

There's nothing quite like freeing your girls from boob jail.

33 Film Quotes That Will Give You A Much Needed Optimism Boost

"Life, uh, finds a way." –Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park.

Esse cheesecake fica melhor quando é preparado a dois

Uma receita para fazer com mozão

How Much Do You Actually Know About British Politics?

A strong and stable quiz, for the many, not the few.

Vazou a versão de "Toxic" da Britney Spears sem Auto-Tune

Eu não estava preparado para isso e fiquei assim --> 0 : )

These Drawings By Children Are Allowing Them To Express How They Feel About Trump

Their drawings are a window to how immigrant children feel in the U.S.

19 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Going To Medical School

Because you can't learn everything from work experience.

Here Are 7 Questions Facing The British Government, MI5, And Police After Recent Terror Attacks

The attacks on Westminster, Manchester, and London Bridge have prompted calls for an overhaul of the UK's counterterror strategy. Here are the issues that need to be addressed.

Responda este quiz sobre comidas polêmicas e te diremos por que você ainda está solteiro

Você não imagina o quanto pequenas coisas estão interligadas.

16 kleine Details, die dir keiner über's Zusammenleben mit einer Katze erzählt

"Meine Katzen haben meine Pflanze umgebracht und auf ihrem Grab getanzt."

11 Recipes We Tried And Loved This Month

Here’s what our editors and writers are making in their own kitchens.

Here's Everything We Know About The Manchester Attack Investigation So Far

Police are still attempting to chase a number of leads after Salman Abedi murdered 22 people.

“Alternative” Climate Science Is Being Mailed to Teachers Nationwide

The Heartland Institute has mailed books and DVDs claiming there is no scientific consensus on climate change to more than 300,000 teachers. Now four senators are warning that it’s false information.

34 eklige Sachen, die du in der Schwangerschaft zum ersten Mal erlebst

Im Grunde bist du ein tropfender Wasserhahn.

Here's Why Some Young People Are Encouraging Their Peers To "Bun The Tories"

"It may seem like a small gesture but it's a step towards getting more youngers engaged in politics and that's a massive deal," one 20-year-old told BuzzFeed News. "One sticker at a time."

4 recettes de burgers qui font vraiment envie

Histoire de varier les plaisirs.

28 Geheimnisse, die dir Landwirte nicht verraten

Alles von Marshmallow-Ernte bis Heugeruch!

Ex-anti-Mariage pour tous, anti-«théorie du genre» et... candidat En marche

André Dupont, candidat aux législatives en Ardèche pour En Marche, a supprimé sa page Facebook juste après son investiture. Dessus, il relayait les messages réacs de personnes proches de l'extrême droite.

We Asked 13 People What They Want Everyone To Know About Cosplay, And It Was Really Wholesome

"It doesn't matter what you look like, as long as you have fun".

The Conservatives Are Targeting Labour's Strongholds In The North East For The First Time

By capitalising on Brexit and disillusionment among traditional Labour voters, the Tories think they can take former steeltown seats like North West Durham on Thursday.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Kiko Cosmetics, American Eagle, Rue La La, and more!

People Are Sharing Images In Solidarity After The Attacks In Iran

At least 12 people were killed, according to local media reports.

Trump Has Nominated Christopher Wray To Replace Comey As FBI Director

Wray served as the assistant attorney general in charge of the Justice Department's Criminal Division from 2003 to 2005 under President George W. Bush

Jeremy Corbyn Has Won Over Some Voters In The Most Marginal Tory Seat In England

"I think I’ll vote Corbyn, which is strange," one previously Conservative voter in Derby North told BuzzFeed News.

What's The Most Mindblowing Documentary You've Seen On Netflix?

Please bless us with your recommendations.

Here’s Even More Misinformation Being Shared About The 2017 General Election

Including a Tory MP who doesn't exist, Jeremy Corbyn's head on David Beckham's body, and a fake local newspaper.

Survivriez-vous sur une île déserte?

Faites ce test avant de vous inscrire à Koh Lanta.

21 anecdotes un peu cheloues qui vont vous faire tout drôle

Ma main droite n'a jamais touché mon coude droit. MA MAIN DROITE N'A JAMAIS TOUCHÉ MON COUDE DROIT.

Ed Sheeran's "Carpool Karaoke" Has Arrived And It Is Pretty Ridiculous

Sheeran joined James Corden on the latest "Carpool Karaoke", which also featured a weird story about him and Justin Bieber, drunk on a golf course.

「命を預かるということは…」 朝ごはん”猫ましまし”の住職さんに聞いた


Here's What You Should Know About That Immersive "Moulin Rouge" Production

If I could tell teenage me anything it's this: You will be able to visit the Moulin Rouge of your imagination, and be part of it, to drink and dance without guilt, and feel as close to comfortable in your own body as you’ll have ever felt. And before the night's over, Christian will sing a bit of the Elephant Love Medley to you, so just be ready for that.

What's Going On In The News Today?

BuzzFeed News reviewed more than 50 reports of school bullying since the US election and found that kids nationwide are using Trump’s words to taunt their classmates. The FBI reportedly suspects Russian hackers planted a fake news story to trigger the Qatar crisis. And your fidget spinner is reshaping the retail industry.

Mira, los perros millennial necesitan tranquilizarse un poco

¡No saben lo bien que lo tienen ahora!

Tienes homiclofobia, como todo el mundo

Vas dando un agradable paseo y de pronto no ves nada. Ni hablar.

ISIS Has Claimed Responsibility For Its First Major Attack Inside Iran

17 people have been reported killed after gunmen armed with assault rifles and suicide vests attacked Iran’s parliament and the mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

【クイズ】#青春のポケモン金銀! 22歳〜28歳までしか解けない

いまから約18年前の1999年11月21日に発売。きみは どのくらい 金銀のこと おぼえてるかな?

Jeremy Corbyn Says If He Was Prime Minister He'd Tell Donald Trump: "You're Wrong, Mate"

However, the Labour leader said he would be "very polite" about it.

Elle Brought Together LGBT People To Fight Ignorance And Our Archaic Understanding Of Sexuality

"Gender is who you go to bed as, and sexuality is who you go to bed with."

Your Definitive Guide To General Election Night

How important the exit poll is, why things will look good for Labour until late in the evening, the key seats – and mistakes not to make.

Theresa May Says She Isn't Making A U-Turn On Anti-Terror Powers

The prime minister has faced difficult questions after appearing to row back on policies she enacted as home secretary.

加計学園「総理のご意向」文書全文をAmazonなどで配信 出版社のねらいとは


14 Words That Australians See Differently To The Rest Of The World

Skulling piss with the intention to get maggot is totally normal. I promise.

O TSE dividido vai decidir se revelações de delatores servem para cassar Temer

Nesta terça o primeiro voto, do relator Herman Benjamin, será proferido. Ele deve pedir a condenação da chapa Dilma-Temer. Na sequência será a vez do ministro Napoleão Nunes votar, que já sinalizou pela absolvição do presidente.

We Watched "Pretty Little Liars" Season 7, Ep 17 And Here's What We Thought

Still better than the Grey's Anatomy musical episode.

Adani Doesn't Seem To Know What It Wants, And That's A Big Problem For The Government

Adani wants $1 billion, but claims it doesn't need $1 billion, and that throws a spanner in the works.

Hawaii Becomes First US State To Legally Support The Paris Climate Agreement

States across the US are vowing to stick with the landmark climate agreement—despite Trump's decision to withdraw.



Everything You Need To Know About The "Sexy" Shiba Inu Going Viral In Japan

Roco, a two-year-old Shiba Inu, has a rapidly growing following.

How Well Do You Actually Remember "Arrested Development"?

Are you up for the challenge, or are you a chicken? *coo-coo-ca-cha*



メディアと広告はどう共存すべきか? 人気ライターのヨッピーさんと考える


NSA Contractor Arrested For Leaking Top Secret Information Feared She Would "Disappear," Her Mother Said

Reality Winner, 25, was arrested Monday for leaking a classified document detailing election-related hacking by Russia to an online news outlet.

The Idea Of Secret Tribunals And "Internment" Is Slowly Becoming Mainstreamed

"If you call it internment it attracts the opprobrium that internment has as an historical fact."

You're Only Allowed To Marry Chuck Bass If You Can Pass This "Gossip Girl" Quiz

Do you really know B and S or are you just full of BS?

“The Joy Luck Club” Is The Movie You Needed, And It Almost Never Happened

After 24 years, The Joy Luck Club remains the only Hollywood film to feature a majority Asian-American cast. Now, those behind the 1993 tearjerker tell BuzzFeed News how they pulled off the movie no one thought possible.

Here's Proof That Doing Yoga Around Your Dog Is Fucking Impossible

They don't call it downward dog for nothin'.

18 Tweets All Picky Eaters Will 100% Relate To

Hi, I just want a burger with no tomato, no mayo, no cheese, no pickles, but extra bacon please.

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