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June 30, 2017

Can You Guess The Celebrity From The Graphic Tee They're Wearing?

No, these aren't your neighborhood angsty teens.

This Is Netflix's First Big Breakthrough In Film

Okja is the first Netflix original movie that suggests the streaming service can do right by ambitious cinema.

Members Of Congress Have Gotten More Threats This Year Than In All Of 2016

The rise in threats against members of Congress is an “urgent matter," the House's top law enforcement officer wrote in a letter to the Federal Election Commission.

I Tried Botox For Migraines

"A lot of us suffer from migraines…can Botox actually help?"

A Woman Of Indian Descent Was Called A "Sand N*****" On Tinder

Northwestern University is looking into one of its students who appeared to send the racial slur to a Dartmouth student on the dating app.

18 Señales de que tienes un amigo Minion

Etiquétalo para que sepa su realidad.



8 Incredible Photo Stories You Absolutely Can’t Miss

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Justiça manda Abdelmassih voltar para a prisão

Desembargador suspendeu decisão de juíza que tinha deixado o ex-médico ir para prisão domiciliar por causa de doença. Promotor diz que Roger Abdelmassih interrompeu uso de medicamento diurético para piorar seu estado de saúde.

46 States Are Now Refusing To Fully Cooperate With Trump's "Voter Fraud" Investigation

Many state officials say cooperating would only legitimize debunked claims of widespread voter fraud.

Sextou no STF: deputado da mala é solto e Aécio volta para o Senado

Decisões ocorreram no último dia antes do recesso do Judiciário.

Can You Keep Your Tamagotchi Alive?

The second chance you always dreamed of.

This Insane House Is Every Cat Lover's Fever Dream

*frantically dials realtor's phone number*

13 formas de se apaixonar por você mesma e ser correspondida

Hora de cortar contatos (e contatinhos) que só atrasam a sua vida.

23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

One Insanely Important Thing You Didn't Notice In "How I Met Your Mother"

SPOILER ALERT: You actually won't believe you knew this for almost the entirety of the show.

「いつも女の子だった」 VOGUEの表紙を飾ったトランスジェンダーのモデル


"The Carmichael Show" Has Been Canceled After Jerrod Carmichael Announced He's Leaving

The news comes weeks after Carmichael took NBC to task for pulling an episode about a mass shooting that was set to air the same day as the Alexandria shooting.

Calvin Harris Is Surprisingly Candid About His Twitter Rant Against His Ex Taylor Swift

Grab the popcorn, 'cause here is more of the drama that you came for.

A Photographer Turned His Pregnant Wife Into A Badass Daredevil

I wouldn't wrestle a gator at 0 months pregnant.

19 Delicias de la CDMX que necesitas probar si los postres son tu debilidad

Abre este post bajo tu propio riesgo de babear por el antojo.

17 Cosas que sólo entenderás si crees que Wall-E es el mejor personaje de Pixar

Diez años de ser el robot más adorable del universo.

21 Mágicos momentos que sólo podían haber sucedido en el Mercado de Sonora

Este mercado de la CDMX es el lugar más mágico y aterrador de México.

Texas Supreme Court Says It's Still Not Clear What Rights Same-Sex Couples Have

A decision on Friday left big questions unanswered.

PGR vai recorrer de decisão que devolveu mandato a Aécio

Recurso também pedirá, novamente, a prisão do senador tucano.

Quem disse essas frases: Michel Temer ou Gilmar Mendes?

O presidente e o ministro do STF estão dizendo coisas tão, mas tão parecidas que às vezes não dá pra saber quem disse o quê.

Este meme é para quase todo mundo

Afinal de contas, elogio gratuito não existe na internet, né?!

A verdade por trás da cantora Ariana Grande

Te enganaram esse tempo todo!

Fitness Coach Jillian Michaels Surprised Desk Workers At Their Office And This Is What Happened

This is what happens Jillian Michaels crashes your lunch break.

Let's All Cry Together Over This Intersectional Moment From "A League Of Their Own"

"It did bother us that in order to be historically accurate, we could not have a diverse cast," one of the film's screenwriters told BuzzFeed News.

Kate del Castillo demandó a México ante la Comisión Interamericana de DH por filtrar información sobre "El Chapo"

La defensa de la actriz dijo que se han violado sus derechos humanos en todos los juicios que se han llevado a cabo desde su encuentro con Joaquín Guzmán Loera.

7 Ways I Proved To My Mom That Video Games Are Not Boring

Video games are cool and fun and not a waste of time MOM!

People Are Calling One Lyric On Jay-Z's "4:44" Anti-Semitic

"Wasnt really expecting Jay-Z to go anti-Semitic when I started the new '4:44' album this morning," one listener tweeted.

A Doctor Is Dead And Six Are Wounded After A Shooting At A New York City Hospital

The shooting happened at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Friday afternoon. Police later said a suspected gunman, who reportedly was a former hospital employee, killed himself.

Você vai ficar em dúvida se morre de vergonha ou de amor por essa música de casal

"Se não for pra namorar assim, eu nem namoro" acaba de atingir um novo patamar!

The Republican Health Care Fight Is A Mess. Here's Why They'll Keep Trying Anyway.

“[There’s] a lot of pressure, I won’t lie,” North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis said.

The Gunman Who Ambushed And Killed Three Officers Researched The Home Addresses Of Other Cops Before Attack

An investigative report on Gavin Long, who fatally shot three police officers in Baton Rouge in 2016, included chilling details and video footage of the ambush attack.

18 Stunning Pictures From The Massive Storm That Hit Mexico City

It's not the apocalypse, but it looks like it.

16 Razones por las que 'Okja' podría ser la mejor película de Netflix hasta ahora

Y también la responsable de que no quieras volver a comer ciertos alimentos.

Liam Payne Looks Like Hot Harry Potter And The Internet Is Freaking Out

Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just reading this post?

Quão gay você é?

Valendo a carteirinha do sindicato da categoria.

Ham & Cheese Twists

Twist it up.

Jay-Z's Mom Delivered A Powerful Poem About Her Sexuality On "4:44"

"Love who you love, because life isn't guaranteed."

People Were Furious That These Ancient Ruins Got Rented Out For A Private Event

The ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey have been the host of events before, but a recent picture of tables set up amid the famous site set people off.

If You Get 3/7 On This Quiz You're Getting Sucker Punched By Fake News

Can you tell the real from the fake in these viral stories?

34 Songs That Would Have Been Huge Hits But Americans Have No Taste

Note: I know some of these weren't officially released in the US...but also, let's be real, if they were released they would probably flop anyway because we have bad taste.

What Percent Stereotypical American Are You?

♫ O beautiful, for Big Mac meals...♫

Literally Just 150 Pretty Good Tweets About Canada

"What are your Canada Day resolutions? Mine is I'm sorry."

21 provas de que não há esperança para os jovens de hoje em dia

Vai uma cerveja artesanal sabor chocolate de vinte reais aí?

Oh, So This Is What Baby Flamingos Look Like

Is it cute? Is it weird? IDK.

It's July 4th Weekend. Let's Spend $7 Billion On Burgers And Beer.

The annual feast commemorating freedom, summer, and the invention of light beer is also a big day for the food business.

Os 14 tuítes mais engraçados de junho de 2017

Selecionados com muito carinho, como sempre.

Pick Some Cute Dogs And We'll Tell You Your Horoscope For The Month

Plus, the zodiac sign you should actually be.

22 Photos That Prove Relationships In The US And The UK Are Worlds Apart

Dates in the US: Cute selfies at a baseball game. Dates in the UK: Breaking your hand fingering someone.

Kensington And Chelsea Council Is Under Pressure To Publish The Legal Advice That Led To A Meeting Being Called Off

However, one councillor said it was unlikely there was any written advice to publish, as in-house lawyers had given verbal counsel to cabinet members ahead of the meeting.

Un niño de cuatro años fue hallado encadenado y con desnutrición en la CDMX

El menor presentaba lesiones en todo el cuerpo y dos supuestos tíos suyos fueron arrestados por agentes de la Policía de Investigación.

Donald Trump Is The President Of Gossip

How Trump allegedly took a page from the gossip industry handbook to get critics to fall in line.

Esses brownies roubam a cena quanto o assunto é sobremesa

Você não vai conseguir pensar em outra coisa depois do almoço.

Facing A Room Of Judges, Chief Justice John Roberts Steers Clear Of Trump

Chief Justice John Roberts spoke in front of a room of federal judges and lawyers on Friday, but, as expected, he didn’t talk about the president’s criticism of judges or other controversies facing the administration.

22 Epic S'mores Recipes To Make This Holiday Weekend

Let's get this campfire started.

Plan An Instagram-Worthy Outfit To Get A Compliment

Pretend to be Instagram famous for a bit.

15 Of The Best Makeup Brushes You Can Get On Amazon

A range of dope-ass brushes that you'll want in your arsenal.

18 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Here are this week's noteworthy celebrity tweets!

The Leader Of Kensington And Chelsea Council Is Quitting After Facing Criticism For The Grenfell Tower Fire Response

He has said he will step down from his position as soon as a new leader is appointed.

How Well Do You Know The Neighborhoods Of Manhattan?

Turtle Bay, Kips Bay, Yorkville....

Here's A Look Back At Three Decades Of Struggle For German Marriage Equality

Marriage equality finally came to Germany after decades of struggle on Friday.

"Morning Joe" Host Says He Has Texts Proving Trump Told "Yet Another Lie" And People Want The Receipts

"One lesson Trump is teaching all of us is to keep all of our receipts."

Hayley Williams Opens Up About Quitting Paramore And Battling Depression

"I don’t think I understood how dangerous hopelessness is. Everything hurts."

This Is What Jay-Z Said About Cheating On Beyoncé On His New Album

"I'll fuck up a good thing if you let me / Let me alone, Becky!"

16 Pensamientos que todo amargado ha tenido cuando sale de fiesta

"¿Qué hago si alguien se me acerca a tratar de hablar de la nada? ¿Me mato?"

Will Ferrell Just Killed Your Dream Of Sequels To "Elf" And "Old School"

He's more open to the idea of a Step Brothers sequel, though...

What Cheap Kitchen Gadgets Are A Must-Have?

Tell us about those life-changing kitchen gadgets.

Be Honest, Which Disney Princess Would Win In A Fight?

No weapons, just a classic clean fist fight.

13 Drawings Only People Who Hate Cleaning Will Enjoy

Just shove it all under the bed.

33 Little Things You May Not Know About J.K. Rowling

From reluctant student to record-breaking author.

People Are Signing A Petition To Make It Illegal To Buy Acid Without A Licence

Police say that on Thursday a 23-year-old man was treated for minor injuries after he was attacked with a substance suspected to be bleach.

Answer 6 Questions To Reveal Which Paramore Song You Are

Are you in the business of misery or are the times just hard?

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on cat treats, a USB powered fan, makeup brushes, and more!

As diferenças da sua relação com a maquiagem aos 15, 25 e 30 anos

Aos 15: Será que não vai parecer que eu estou oleosa? Aos 25: Talvez eu esteja parecendo o Freddie Mercury prateado. Aos 30: Euzinha? Eu nasci com esse GLOW!

Can You Tell If These Things Are Older Than Canada?

Happy Birthday Canada! Here's a history test.

19 Piercing Horror Stories That Will Make You Say "Nope"

"My nipple has looked like a half-chewed wine gum ever since.."

12 Easy Steps For Canadians To Follow If They’re Serious About Reconciliation

It starts with land and ends with showing the hell up.

These Are The Confirmed Victims Of The Grenfell Fire Tragedy

The painstaking process of formally identifying those who died in the Grenfell Tower tragedy has concluded that the final number of victims is 71.

18 Cosas que solo vas a entender si siempre te duele la espalda

Eres joven de edad, pero en la espalda tienes 93 años.

A Man Who Died After A Fight Might Have Been Targeted Because Of His Sexual Orientation

Police are investigating whether a 35-year-old man who died after a fight this week was targeted in a possible hate crime because of his sexual orientation.

19 choses à savoir sur la fatigue chronique

1,4 million de personnes sont atteintes du syndrome de fatigue chronique en France. Voici ce qu'il faut savoir sur cette maladie.

16 Ways Celebrities' Parents Are Just Like Yours

Their kids are scarred for life by them, too!

El Metrobús de Reforma va y esto es lo que necesitas saber sobre el caso

Un juez permitió que las obras continúen mientras se resuelve el juicio, pero impuso algunas restricciones como respetar áreas verdes y monumentos.

Do These Grandparents Look Dangerous To You?

Muslims are sharing photos of their grandparents affected by the travel ban, following new guidelines that do not consider grandparents “close family relationship.”

32 Of The Coolest Things Under $10 You Can Get At Urban Outfitters

Liquid lava timers, a honey banana cleansing foam, vintage-inspired sunglasses, and more!

21 perfekte Worte, die du nicht verstehst, wenn du nicht aus dem Ruhrpott kommst

Dem Pott seine Sprache ist so feinsinnig, so warm klingend, so treffend. Für jeden Spökes finden wir die perfekte Bezeichnung.

Jovem é condenada por matar namorado enquanto gravavam vídeo para YouTube

Monalisa Perez foi condenada por homicídio culposo depois de atirar em Pedro Ruiz no peito, enquanto os dois faziam um vídeo para o vlog do casal.

If You Get 7/10 On This Quiz, You're A Damn Good Cook

Has binge-watching Chopped taught you nothing?

21 Feel-Good Tweets About Dogs That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, Or Both

"My grandma is in the hospital right now and wanted to see her dog. So I made it look like I was carrying a baby and we made it"

Pretend To Throw A Dinner Party And We'll Rate It

A three-course meal among friends should be easy, right?

19 Urgent Questions The World Has About British Food

How are we not in a permanent carb coma?

13 Cool Things Canadians Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

This week: Dinosaur cookie cutters, miniature greenhouses, and sunscreen sticks!

Here Are All The Best Fourth Of July Weekend Sales

Deals at Minted, Urban Outfitters, Make Beauty, and more!

Seuls les vrais fans de séries auront 15/15 à ce test

Faites-vous partie de l'élite des VRAIS fans de séries?

Dear Pahlaj Nihalani, Let's Talk About Sex

One man's squeamishness is holding an entire nation back.

7 Essays Every Harry Potter Fan Needs To Read

For those of us who will always call Hogwarts home and Hermione our patronus.

14 Menschen und Paare, die sich jetzt einfach nur über die Ehe für alle freuen

Nach 29 Jahren Kampf ist heute im Bundestag die gleichgeschlechtliche Ehe beschlossen worden. Wir haben Teilnehmer der Demo vor dem Kanzleramt gefragt, warum sie jetzt feiern

Outside Groups Are Pouring Money Into The Fight Over Trump’s Judicial Nominees

Groups on the left and the right are focusing energy and dollars on the lower courts. The Judicial Crisis Network, a conservative advocacy group, announced its latest ad buy on Friday, supporting one of Trump's lower court nominees.

Quand les saillies homophobes de Louis Nicollin deviennent des «phrases cultes»

«La victoire d'Auxerre est méritée, mais au match retour, on va s'en occuper de Benoît Pedretti. Ce type est une tarlouze.» = «phrase culte», selon L'Équipe. «On va les enculer ces PD» = «belle phrase», selon So Foot.

Here Are All The Warnings About Fire Safety Risks In Tall Towers Before Grenfell

Before Grenfell Tower, there were several official reports, coroners' warnings, parliamentary inquiries, and industry body reports all relating to the use of external combustible cladding on residential buildings.

"Morning Joe" Hosts Say The President Is "Not Mentally Equipped" To Watch Their Show

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski published an op-ed in the Washington Post Friday responding to the president's tweets about them on Thursday.

Conoce a la modelo transgénero que superó la mayor barrera de la moda

Esta brasileña de 20 años ha hecho historia en el mundo de la moda por ser la primera modelo transgénero en convertirse en portada de Vogue.

Si vous avez moins de 20 ans et que vous ne savez pas qui est Simone Veil, pas de panique

Simone Veil, militante féministe, ancienne ministre, s'est éteinte en 2017. Elle sera la cinquième femme de l'histoire à faire son entrée au Panthéon dimanche 1er juillet. Si les femmes ont le droit d'avorter librement en France, c'est grâce à elle.

27 Dinge, die passieren mussten, bis die Ehe für alle in Deutschland Wirklichkeit wird

Jetzt ist sie da, aber es war ein langer Weg: Die wichtigsten Ereignisse bis zur Ehe für alle.

25 cosas que ninguna mujer admitirá públicamente haber hecho

Sssshhhh, no se lo digas a nadie, pero todas lo hacemos.

14 plats à découvrir à travers un voyage en Europe

Voyager + manger = cocktail parfait.

19 horrores ocultos de la paternidad que nadie te cuenta

Cada uno por separado no es gran cosa, pero juntos son como miles de diminutos cortes.

9 Excellent Reasons To Drink More Old Monk

Not that we need more reasons, tbh.

Three Big Things To Know To Start Your Day

President Trump's revised travel ban has gone into effect and things have been far less chaotic than the initial ban in January. Iraq declared victory over ISIS after its forces reclaimed Mosul, but counter-terrorism experts say the militant group still poses a big threat. And Germany's parliament has voted to legalize same-sex marriage.



A Man Has Been Jailed After Attacking A Muslim Teen With A Packet Of Bacon

Ikram Ali, the 17-year-old who was attacked, told BuzzFeed News: "I still choose to believe there’s more good out there than bad, and that my hijab will not hinder me in my life."

42 Problems All Girls With Thick Hair Have Gone Through

So much hair in your bum after a shower.

8 emotivas historias sobre cómo Harry Potter puede cambiarte la vida

Para celebrar el 20 aniversario del primer libro de Harry Potter, ocho personas nos cuentan cómo la magia de la saga ha afectado sus vidas.

8 Weirdly Useful Products To Buy In July

Including a drying lotion that will knock stubborn spots out of the park.

13 historias de salida del armario emotivas e inspiradoras

"Puse una lista de canciones de Lady Gaga como música de fondo para darme fuerza".



「都議選の結果は、長期的に国民の健康を左右する」 受動喫煙とどう向き合うべき?

日本の医療政策をリードしてきた黒川清氏と、気鋭の医療政策学者の津川友介氏が対談。BuzzFeed Newsが単独取材した。

24 Brilliant Songs You Need In Your July Playlist

The ultimate summer soundtrack.

Tasty Japanまもなく1周年♪ 料理をつくってSNS投稿していただいた方には……


Où est-il interdit de porter un voile en France?

Alors que la mairie de Lorette vient d'interdire le burkini dans un parc de loisirs, BuzzFeed News fait le point.

The Government Won't Say How Many Tower Blocks Have Been Inspected By The Fire Service And It's Not Clear Why

One hundred and thirty-seven tower blocks have failed cladding tests, but officials keep ducking questions about how many have subsequently been through full inspections and deemed safe for residents.



「豆乳ではなく牛乳が入っている」 牛乳を飲むと体調を崩してしまう男性、スタバに物申す


Is It On? Episode 16: Old Abbotts Die Hard

"I can't remember the last time I saw him say something positive about anything."

A Dad Asked People To Wish His Bullied Son Happy Birthday And The Internet Responded Perfectly

Celebrities like Stormzy, Russell Crowe, Sara Cox, Dawn French, and the entire England football team all wished his son happy birthday.

Germany's Parliament Has Voted In Favor Of Same-Sex Marriage

The bill passed overwhelmingly — but Chancellor Angela Merkel voted against the measure.

Bundestag stimmt mit Ja: Homosexuelle Paare dürfen bald auch in Deutschland heiraten

393 Abgeordnete stimmten dafür, 226 dagegen, vier enthielten sich.



Here's What Kids And Parents Say About The Safe Schools Coalition

As federal funding for the Safe Schools Coalition draws to an end, BuzzFeed News spoke to parents and children in South Australia who used the program.

How Well Do You Remember "Dil To Pagal Hai"?

Arey re arey, naya quiz aaya.

Some Politicians Are Arguing Against Their New Pay Rise

"Match me dollar for dollar. I challenge you."

15 People Who Didn't Receive What They Ordered Online

Sometimes it's best to leave your house and just shop in person.

稲田防衛相が辞任を否定 会見で繰り返した文言とは


24 Extreme But Scary Activities You Can Actually Try In Australia

If you're a daredevil, Australia is your number one destination.

Create A Desi Menu And We'll Suggest An Indian Movie To You

Movie suggestions given are those with female lead only.

Russian Hackers Reportedly Discussed Getting Hillary Clinton's Emails To Michael Flynn

US officials told the Wall Street Journal the hackers discussed how to get the emails and transmit them to Flynn, then a member of the Trump campaign.

Wild Police Chase Ends With Officers Beating A Driver After He Appeared To Surrender

About a dozen officers can be seen surrounding a purse robbery suspect and delivering multiple blows at the end of a police chase that extended across two states.

How Normal Are Your Broadway Musical Opinions?

There's more to Broadway than Hamilton.




20世紀前、社会が求める常識を突破していた人たちの姿。Getty Imagesより。

19 Revelations From DeMario Jackson's "E! News" Interview That Didn't Air

"I'm not the kind of person that brings up like, ‘Ah! Black man in America,’ this and that, but at this point, I'm thinking like, what else could it be?"

How Common Are Your Daily Habits?

Everyone has a daily routine.

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