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June 9, 2017

What Type Of Asshole Are You?

They come in all shapes and sizes.

Encontraron sin vida a una niña reportada como desaparecida en el Edomex

El Observatorio Ciudadano Nacional del Feminicidio ha denunciado que el Estado de México es la entidad donde ocurren más asesinatos de mujeres. En 2016 se estiman 263 casos.

17 A+ Jokes Aimed Specifically At Immature People

Don't mind me over here, quietly chuckling to myself.

Answer These 6 Questions And We'll Tell You If You're More Cosmo Or Wanda

"There's only one logical explanation ... Fairy Godparents!"

What's Your Official Slytherin Percentage?

The Sorting Hat doesn't lie.

It Looks Like The Woman Accused Of Urging Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself Stole A Quote From "Glee"

Michelle Carter, 20, is on trial for allegedly pressuring Conrad Roy — through text messages — to kill himself. Messages to her friends about Roy's death seem to have drawn inspiration from Glee star Lea Michele.

Montana Congressman-Elect Expected To Plead Guilty To Assaulting Reporter

Greg Gianforte has apologized for assaulting Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

Trump's Bank Regulator Has Recused Himself From Regulating Banks

The veteran financial industry lawyer can't involve himself in matters concerning many large banks, because he's a veteran financial industry lawyer.

29 Marcas que solo significan algo si naciste antes de 1997

Xiomara, Edoardos y Nokia, cuando todavía tenía el celular de la viborita.

Taylor Swift Is Among Many Pop Stars Out Here Stealing People's Thunder

Taylor Swift isn't the only one out here copping the spotlight.

【加計学園】「総理のご意向」文書の存在ではない 問題の本質は別にある


¿Puedes reconocer el video de One Direction viendo solo una imagen?

Pon a prueba tu memoria y tu corazón directioner.

A Man Who Allegedly Shot Two Indian Engineers In Kansas Is Charged With A Hate Crime

Adam Purinton allegedly asked two Indian men if their "status was legal" before opening fire. One man died, while two others were injured.

This Reporter Managed To Do Something NATO’s Leaders Couldn’t

The president finally committed to the alliance’s collective security thanks to a single well-placed question. But was it too little, too late?

Can You Make Real Money On A Dog-Walking App?

If you need extra cash or just love hanging out with doggos, on-demand dog walking might be worth doing.

Northern Ireland Politicians Say Theresa May's Dependence On The DUP Could Damage The Peace Process

Nationalist leaders warned that the British government couldn't be an "honest broker" if the PM was relying on the Democratic Unionists to stay in Downing Street.

Sarah Jessica Parker Can Hacky Sack Like A '90s High School Stoner

How long was she gonna hide this talent from us?

7 Incredible Photo Stories You Absolutely Can’t Miss

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

24 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

相次ぐハンドスピナーの事故 親たちは危険を訴えている



Why do you have the greatest calves of all time?!

É disso que as pessoas riam na pré-história da internet

"Fwd:Enc:Fwd:Enc: Para rir um pouquinho"

Reza Aslan Has Been Dropped By CNN Over His Tweet Calling Trump A "Piece Of Shit"

Aslan, a religious scholar and writer, said he agreed that since he is not a journalist, it is best he and CNN part ways.

Congress Is Demanding The White House Turn Over Any Secret Tapes Of Trump And Comey

Trump hinted at the existence of tapes a month ago, but the White House has been ducking the question ever since.

Listen Up: Peter From "The Bachelorette" Is The Damn Best

Because everybody knows he's the salt and pepper gap-toothed chiseled man of our dreams.

America's Strikes On Syrian Forces Are Leaving Syrians Confused About WTF Is Happening

After the third strike against Syrian forces in the last month, opposition members are hoping that the US is going hard after the government — even though the US military denies it.

O que fazer para aproveitar melhor seu ano daqui pra frente

Pare de repetir "Nossa, já estamos no meio do ano e eu não fiz nada!".

This Teen Is Taking Control Of Her Battle With Cancer

This teen got rid of all her hair: "Don't let cancer do it for you."

This Dog Is Helps Teach Kids With Disabilities How To Surf

This dog is a surfer AND a surf instructor.

This Doggie Leotard Stops Shedding

This dog leotard has surprisingly good health benefits?

Pray One Day You Enjoy Something As Much As George Osborne Enjoyed This Election

"BREAKING: George Osborne elected MP for Schadenfreude Central."

This Teen's Girlfriend Demanded He Kill Himself

This Heartbreaking Video From The Teen Whose Girlfriend Demanded He Kill Himself Was Released Today

23 Things To Grill This Summer That Aren't Meat

Whether you're looking for tasty side dishes or grilled vegetarian meals.

13 coisas para fazer no Dia dos Namorados se você está solteiro

Lembre-se, a pessoa mais importante do mundo é VOCÊ!

Bill De Blasio Says He Knows He Sounds Like Donald Trump When He Talks About The Media

But the mayor said he believes Trump doesn't actually mean what he says.

This Guy Created A Fidget Spinner Bazooka And Destroyed Hella Shit

Pretty sure this would get banned from a classroom too.

Flash Briefing For June 5, 2017

Here's what happened over the weekend.

Hampton Creek Has Ditched Its Name, And Is Now "Just."

The words "Hampton Creek" are no longer on the company's homepage, and they've been moved to small print on the back of its labels.

Mais um funcionário da Net é acusado de assédio, desta vez por uma adolescente

A estudante Magda, de 17 anos, foi abordada na rua. Ela se interessou por um plano de internet, mas estava atrasada e concordou em passar seu número de telefone — e, então, recebeu mensagens explícitas pelo WhatsApp.

Are You Actually From A Different Universe?

The Mandela Effect might be proof of alternate realities. Are you in the right one?

Here's Why Uber Drivers Should Never Be Allowed To Talk To Lorde Again

Her new song is called "Sober," and the story behind it is kinda interesting!

La gente está encantada con la historia de un punk que defendió a una anciana

Los punks no han muerto, viajan en bus y lucha por las injusticias.

Tell Us Your Body-Shaming Clapback Stories

Share your best comebacks and retorts, whether they're IRL or online.

A GOP Senator Just Slammed Trump On Transparency

"Shutting down oversight requests doesn’t drain the swamp, Mr. President. It floods the swamp," Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley wrote in a letter to the president this week.

Apple CEO Tim Cook To MIT Grads: You Must Have Hacked Trump’s Twitter

Tim Cook’s joke about Donald Trump hints at a contentious relationship between the world’s most valuable company and the leader of the free world.

This Is Gordon Ramsay's Untraditional Way Of Cooking Pasta

Warning: untraditional pasta cooking ahead.

19 Hilarious “Worst Summer Job” Tweets That Will Make You Cringe and Laugh

"A woman yelled at me for watching her swim. I was a lifeguard."

Theresa May's Disastrous Election Has Left Her Too Weak To Reshuffle The Top Cabinet Jobs

Boris Johnson, Philip Hammond, Amber Rudd and David Davis will stay in their posts, after weeks of speculation that the PM was planning big changes after the election.

Uber Obtained A Rape Victim's Medical Records. Now It Might Face A Lawsuit.

"We are investigating and researching all potential avenues to address this situation and expect to have more information next week," Douglas Wigdor, a New York-based attorney for the woman who was raped by her Uber driver in New Delhi, told BuzzFeed News.

Meet The People Who Battle To Be The Top Reply To A Trump Tweet

The area below the president’s tweets is the most valuable real estate on the internet.

Parents: What's The Best Money Saving Trick You Know?

Tell us your awesome cost-saving products, hacks, tips, tricks, or magic spells that help you keep your money where your wallet is.

These BBQ Chicken Corndogs Are The Best Of Both Worlds

And the best part of your next summer cook-out.

NowThis Forbids Staff From Taking Jobs At Other News Outlets

New hires at the social news outlet must sign a contract that forbids them from taking a job at places including CNN, Vice, BuzzFeed and Vox.

People Are Reacting With Horror To The Prospect Of A Government Propped Up By The DUP

“They’re a xenophobic, homophobic, sexist party with 1% of the vote.”

Students Might Just Have Clinched It For Labour In The Tories' Top Target Seat

Labour MP Chris Matheson won in Chester against all the odds, with his majority increased almost a hundredfold. And it appears the student vote had plenty to do with it.

Solo un experto en música podrá sacar 10 en este examen de anagramas

Drake sería radke. ¿Puedes adivinar los demás?

Trump Supporters Have Discovered The DUP And It’s Just The Absolute Worst

Theresa May said she plans to work with the anti-gay and anti-abortion DUP, and America's far-right trolls are thrilled.

J.K. Rowling Just Made An Important Point About The Words We Use To Criticize Female Politicians

"If you can’t disagree with a woman without reaching for all those filthy old insults, screw you and your politics."

Theresa May Gambled Her Majority On Getting UKIP Votes. This Is How She Failed.

A BuzzFeed News analysis of 100 seats with a large UKIP vote shows how one of the Conservative party's key election strategies failed miserably.

These Rainbow Skewers Are Perfect For Grilling Season

They were practically made for a BBQ grill out.

21 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Here's everything you didn't see.

Democrats Lost Their Top Challenger To Rep. Steve King, But They’re Not Too Upset About It

Democrat Kim Weaver dropped out of the race against controversial Rep. Steve King, citing “death threats.” But Democrats in Iowa are breathing a sigh of relief that the former professional psychic has stepped aside.

27 Beautiful Pieces Of Furniture That Are Surprisingly Cheap

Welcome to my not-so-humble abode. The products in this post were updated in June 2018.

16 Shit-Your-Pants Scary Activities You Can Actually Try In Scotland

Water jet-packs? A human slingshot? Er, these activities want to kill you, basically.

Gilmar Mendes usa sessão do TSE para desqualificar gravação de Temer e Joesley

"Agora até fita sem perícia vale", disse o ministro. Argumento ecoa defesa do presidente que considera gravação "prova imprestável."

A nova música da Karol Conka é o prazer feminino desenhadinho para quem não entendeu

A letra alfineta os homens que mandam mal no sexo oral.

Taylor Swift tentou ofuscar a Katy Perry e quem ganhou foram os memes

É claro que tem Ana Maria Braga e Gretchen no meio.

Fleurus a corrigé ce dessin chelou de «L'Imagerie du Poney et du Cheval»

BuzzFeed News avait fait un article sur ce dessin vraiment bizarre. Fleurus l'a corrigé. Nous pouvons dormir tranquilles.

Literally Just A Bunch Of Queer Tweets That Will Make You Proud AF

We're here, we're queer, we're gonna laugh.

Êtes-vous capable de dépenser moins de 200 euros chez Zara?

On vous file les 200 euros. Faites en bon usage.

17 Words Only Twentysomething Grandmas Will Understand

Friday nights have a whole new meaning.

16 Cosas que reconocerás si te has emborrachado con tus papás

Lo bueno: te quieren pagar toda la bebida. Lo malo: se les sube bien rápido.

Solo un Jedi podrá sacar 12/12 en este quiz de Star Wars

Necesitas ser uno con la Fuerza para poder superar esta prueba.

26 Splurge-Worthy Fitness Products That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Everything you need to take your fitness game to the next level. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a garment steamer, snorkel mask, hair nourish oil, and more!

Saumon en papillote au saké et aux champignons

Cette recette est HYPER facile à faire, vous allez adorer!

O sumiço do gato Pépito mobilizou muita gente no Twitter

Mas calma, gente, ela já tá em casa novamente.

Any Increase In DUP Influence Is A Setback For Reforming Abortion Rights In Northern Ireland, Campaigners Say

The Democratic Unionist Party, which is in talks with the Tories to form a government after the general election, has consistently opposed the reform of abortion law in Northern Ireland, where the procedure is currently strictly prohibited.

Mars Has Recalled Some Chocolate Bars Because They May Contain Salmonella

The company has issued a voluntary recall of some products and is warning consumers not to eat them as a "precaution".

Kristen Stewart And Taylor Lautner Just Reunited And I'm Dead

Because Team Jacob was always the right team, TBH...

FYI, You Can Buy A Fidget Spinner Butt Plug

"Available in three sizes to fit any attention span."

Este es el 'qué prefieres' de la vida godínez más difícil que harás hoy

Hazlo rapidísimo, aprovechando que el jefe no te está viendo.

18 Imágenes que prueban que todo México está cubierto de arte

Nuestras calles son una gran galería abierta a todos los artistas.

This Squishy Makeup Removing Ball Is The Coolest Thing You've Seen All Week

I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.

Régalez-vous cet été avec ces bouchées glacées choco-fruits

Très simples à réaliser avec un bac à glaçons!

23 Angebote aus der Werbe-Hölle

Ganz ehrlich: Hauptsächlich Genitalien und Fäkalhumor.

Trump's Lawyer Plans To File A Complaint Against James Comey For Revealing Memos To The Press

A source close to Trump's legal team said that Marc Kasowitz plans to file a complaint with the Justice Department's inspector general, and a letter about Comey's testimony and "other matters" with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently trending. This week: a shoe organization rack, Katy Perry's new album, and facial moisturizer.

38 Things All Cat Owners Have Secretly Done At Least Once

You only call the cat "the cat" when you're angry.

7 Five-Ingredient Dessert Recipes To Tackle This Weekend

Because summertime is dessert time.

Here's What Canadians Are Buying On Amazon This Week

This week: Pizza beach balls, skull spoons, and avocado cookbooks!

The Party The Tories Say They'll Share Power With Has Repeatedly Opposed LGBT Rights

“May cozying up with the DUP shows how little she cares for LGBTQ rights."

Marine Le Pen's Party Is Running Dozens Of Candidates Who Post Hateful Messages Online

A BuzzFeed News investigation found that nearly 100 National Front candidates running in France's legislative elections on Sunday have posted, liked or shared anti-LGBT, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, or racist content on social media platforms.

18 “Superbad” Scenes That Are Still Funny 10 Years Later

"Okay. So, we have an African Jew wearing a hoodie..."

Here's What You Need To Know About The Democratic Unionist Party

Theresa May has said she will govern with help from her party's "friends and allies" in the DUP. But Northern Ireland's largest party has a controversial record on many issues.

O resultado da eleição no Reino Unido é o equivalente a atravessar a rua para escorregar numa casca de banana

Primeira-ministra Theresa May convocou pleito — que não estava marcado — com o intuito de ampliar o apoio ao seu partido. Aconteceu apenas o contrário: o partido dela encolheu.

14 illustrations qui résument parfaitement notre vie pendant les règles

*l'impression que tout le monde sait que j'ai mes règles*

Britain Had A Chaotic Election And The World Is Loving It

"The Merkel/Macron/Trudeau group text thread must be pretty great."

¿Eres capaz de amueblar un salón por menos de 2000 euros?

Si puedes, amuéblame el mío, por favor.

The New Parliament Has More Black, Asian, And Women MPs Than Ever Before

The new parliament has more ethnic-minority and women MPs than ever before, the first turbaned Sikh, women from science backgrounds, and two new disabled members.

Theresa May Says She Will Lead A Government With "Friends And Allies" In The DUP

Speaking outside Number 10 after visiting the Queen at Buckingham Palace, the prime minister said she would form a new government but made no mention of last night's general election result.

All The Best Deals On The Internet This Weekend

Deals at BCBG, TopShop, Bath & Body Works, and more!

Tom Hardy's Dog Woody Has Passed Away And He's Written The Purest Letter To Him In Tribute

"I love you beyond words. To the moon and back again and again to infinity and beyond." OK, this is heartbreaking.

Taylor Swift May Have Just Shaded The Hell Out Of Katy Perry Again

Whether this is shade or coincidence, we now have access to all of Taylor's music, and people are crying with happiness.

13 Easy Ways To Put Your Money Where Your Feminism Is

Did you know you can improve Indian women's lives significantly without leaving your couch? Here's how.

Do You Prefer British Or American Snacks?

It's Oreos vs chocolate Digestives.

15 inquietantes fotos de ciudades fantasma abandonadas en Sinabung

"¿Qué te llevarías si tuvieses que abandonar tu hogar para nunca volver?"

Der Post dieser Frau über ihren Körper und ihren Ehemann schlägt ein wie 'ne Granate

"Über die Jahre hat dieser Mann jede Kurve, jedes Röllchen und jeden Dehnungsstreifen an meinem Körper geliebt."

29 razones para querer de verdad a Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande ha sido siempre una bellísima persona, pero tras el concierto One Love Manchester de anoche todo el mundo lo sabe.

This True Or False Quiz Will Mess With Your Childhood Memories

Prepare to question everything you thought you ever knew.

Both Tory Candidates Linked To "Gay Cure" Organisations Have Failed To Win Their Seats

BuzzFeed News previously revealed that Kristy Adams in Hove and Caroline Ansell in Eastbourne had associations with "pray away the gay" groups.



What's Going On In The News Today?

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's election gamble backfired — she's lost her majority, and now her job is on the line. Fired FBI director James Comey called Donald Trump a liar in his testimony to the Senate, and Republicans say everything is fine. And Taylor Swift is bringing her music back to all streaming services.

Here Are The MPs Who Were Elected By Literally Just A Handful Of Votes

Including the MP who won by just *two* votes.

Vous allez complètement buguer sur le maquillage de cette femme

Je reviens, je vais éteindre et rallumer mon cerveau.

A este perro lo echaron de la academia de policía porque solo quiere hacer amigos

Pero no os preocupéis, le encontraron un nuevo trabajo.

14 preguntas sobre porno gay

¿Qué dice de ti el historial de tu navegador?

Michael Cohen Pitched Investors For A Powerful Ukrainian Oligarch’s Company

The oligarch has been investigated for money laundering and the FBI has tied three of his employees to the Russian mob. When he and his partner wanted to build an ethanol factory, their company sought help from Michael Cohen, now the president’s personal attorney.

44 complicaciones veraniegas para cualquier chica

Andar como un pingüino porque se rozan los muslos.



Here's What The UK Election Result Could Mean For Brexit

European Council president Donald Tusk has warned the UK that the pressure's on to strike a deal: "We don't know when Brexit talks start. We know when they must end."

Here Are All The Seats That Have Changed Hands In The Election

Seventy constituencies have been won away from their previous party in the 2017 general election. Here's a comprehensive list.

【加計学園】政府が「確認」できなかった今治市の首相官邸訪問 市側が明かしたその目的は




26 Funny Election Night Tweets Because We Don't Know What's Happening

"Would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids..."

It's Taken Australian Labor Politicians Very Little Time To Jump On The Corbyn Bandwagon

"What is important for Labor is that a motivated, energised youth vote actually matters."

We Don't Actually Know How Many Young People Voted In The General Election Yet

There's a figure of 72% being circulated, but no one seems to know where it's from.

「三種の神器」がネットで話題 天皇陛下の退位による継承で非課税になる理由とは


Woody Allen Spoke At An Awards Ceremony For Diane Keaton And It Was Awkward

The Annie Hall director was the final guest speaker of the night.

買っちゃダメ! 人をダメにする究極の「ズボラグッズ」


Is "Jab Harry Met Sejal" The Worst Movie Title In Movie History?


This Journalist's "Cursed" Selfies Are Driving Cricket Fans Insane

A freak coincidence that's affecting the world's best batsmen and left us wondering – who's next?

The Tories Have Had A Truly Terrible Night In The North Of England

The Conservatives failed to gain any of their top targets, and ended up losing several seats to Labour.

Here's How Newspapers Reacted To The UK's Rollercoaster Of An Election

A lot of people are waking up feeling very surprised.

50 Hilarious Jokes For Every Secretly Besharam Woman

If only society knew, how few fucks are given.

Here's How The General Election Has Turned Scottish Politics On Its Head

The SNP's dominance of Scottish politics is under threat, another independence referendum is now far from certain, and Scottish Labour came back from the dead.

Stunned Tories Are Already Debating Whether Theresa May Should Step Down

After taking her party from a 17-seat working majority to a hung parliament, May is being urged by some Conservatives to consider her position.

A Speeding Truck Plowed Into Two DC Police Officers And A Government Employee

The driver was later arrested. Police also recovered an assault rifle from the scene, but said there was no indication it was a "terrorist-related event."

Theresa May Has Made One Of The Worst Mistakes In British Electoral History

The Conservative prime minister confidently called an election she didn't have to call – and has lost seat after seat to Labour, leaving the Tories short of a majority.

It Looks Like No One Has Won The UK General Election. WTF Happens Now?

Theresa May called an election to strengthen her hand. That hasn't happened. So…what will?

27 Memes That Will Make All Tradies Piss Themselves Laughing

"Can I leave early? I've come down with a bad case of fuck this place."

The Leaked Pauline Hanson Tapes Are Being Used For Mysterious Home Phone Calls

BuzzFeed News has obtained a recording of the phone call and no one is claiming credit.



FBI前長官「トランプ大統領がうそ」 それでも共和党関係者たちが楽観的な理由


Nicola Sturgeon To "Reflect" On IndyRef2 After The SNP Suffers Huge Losses

The SNP leader said she was "disappointed" after losing her deputy leader Angus Robertson and former first minister Alex Salmond.

Women Were Over The Moon When It Seemed That Philip Davies Had Lost His Seat

UPDATE: It was initially believed that Davies, who has repeatedly tried to block a law that would help prevent violence against women, had lost his seat, but in actual fact he held it.

Taylor Swift Is Coming Back To Spotify And Her Fans Are Losing Their Minds

And don't forget, Katy Perry's new album, Witness, comes out tomorrow.

These Are The Big-Name MPs Who Have Lost Their Seats In The General Election

Former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and Angus Robertson, the SNP's leader in Westminster, are the first major figures to lose their seats – but more are expected to follow.

【速報】加計学園「総理のご意向」文書、文科省が再調査へ 安倍首相は「徹底した調査を速やかに」と指示


【夢の診断】#さいきょうのロックバンド を作ると、音楽業界に革命が起きる


Can You Guess What's Written On These Forever 21 Items?

Some of these make as much sense as covfefe.

Millennial Drinks Now Vs. What We Drank 10 Years Ago

Beetroot latte? Coffee in a cone? Drinks in LIGHTBULBS???

Jay Z, Tell Us What "4:44" Is Already

Jay Z album? A new Lupita Nyong'o movie? Beyoncé AND Jay Z visual album?!

What % Elderly Are You?

*squints to read the title of this quiz*

Here Are Some Hilarious Tweets To Get You Through The Election Night

"You can't leave the EU if you can't form a government."

25 Absolute Lunatics Who Must Be Stopped

OMG they're out of control!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys, We Need To Talk About Why Chrissy Teigen Hates Hummus So Much

Hummus, sweetie. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry Chrissy would even say that.

In Pictures: General Election Day And Results

A day of voting, a night of counting and a morning of results.

What The Raving Hell Is This "LET" Stuff Then?

Are the "climate wars" about to come to an end?

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