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    18 "Life Hacks" All Scottish People Grew Up With

    There's a real art to hiding a bottle of Frosty Jack's down the front of your jacket.

    1. Using your football until it looked like a small, sad, frayed, damp sack full of holes.

    Twitter: @evanstallam

    And repairing it with chewing gum and sellotape to make it last longer.

    2. Making sandwiches out of fuck all.

    Twitter: @TrendsinBritain

    You were lucky if it had jam in it, and not just butter, or last night's soggy mince.

    3. Saving money on ice cream by freezing Kwenchy Kups, then breaking your teeth on them.

    Chiselling at it with your teeth, trying to turn it upside down then dropping it on the ground #GrowingUpScottish

    Sure they were cheaper than ice lollies, but imagine the dentist bills we'll all face later in life.

    4. Saving up Barr bottles, then returning them so you could buy a shitload of penny sweets.

    Twitter: @piratebluebelle

    And Highland Toffee, obvs.

    5. Patching school dinners in favour of a cheap roll and a packet of crisps from the corner shop.

    Twitter: @jackie_dale

    Potatoes are a vegetable, right?

    6. Or buying food from school, and realising you'd have been better with a roll and crisps after all.

    Here talk aboot the school being skint ,Puttin icing on a hot dog roll and calling it a cake Ahahahahahaha

    Splashing some icing and sprinkles on a dry roll is a pretty clever money saving hack for schools though, tbf.

    7. Having breakfast for dinner when your parents couldn't be arsed going to the shops.

    Twitter: @White81David

    Your dad would call it a "cowboy tea" to make it seem cooler than it was.

    8. Getting really, really good at hiding booze when you were a teenager getting drunk in parks.

    Facebook: 653789334701294

    "No officer, this isn't a 3-litre bottle of Frosty Jack's stuffed down the front of my Helly Hansen jacket. I'm just top-heavy."

    9. Pooling your pocket money with your pals so that you could afford some extra-strong booze.

    Twitter: @notrubasil

    And immediately regretting it because you were 15 and whisky tastes horrible at that age, especially when it's coming back up again.

    10. Using Sudocrem to solve all of your problems. Twitter: @thelunatic85

    Shame it canny cure a cider-and-whisky hangover.

    11. Making all of your life decisions using a rubber.

    Twitter: @naomi_hellawell

    Let's be honest, this was far more reliable than the career advisors at school.

    12. Or using this tried-and-tested method.

    Twitter: @CalliStephen

    We all know a friend who lives in a butt with their 15 kids and keeps pet snails.

    13. Making stilts out of old soup cans, so you could pretend to be a bit taller than you actually were.

    Twitter: @Valhalla_7

    This is only entertaining when you're six.

    14. Making DIY gazebos out of umbrellas rather than calling off a barbecue because of the rain.

    Scottish barbecues continue whatever the weather. Everyone knows that.

    15. Wanting to go swimming, but not having the money, so getting out the recycling bin instead.

    @shanedawson I used to do the recycling bin swimming pool when I was younger with my friends

    If you didn't have a bin, a bucket would do.

    16. And making water pistols out of Irn-Bru bottles.

    Dain this tae a bottle if ye never hid a water gun #GrowingUpScottish

    It was only warm enough for water fights one day a year, why waste money?

    17. Moving your sofa outside on rare hot days because it wasn't worth buying garden furniture.

    Twitter: @Gregw222

    Also, your TV, ironing board, drying rack, tables....

    18. And of course, pretending you were sunbathing.

    Twitter: @shamima1985 / Twitter: @givesyouHel

    That's definitely as good as the real thing, right? *Sighs*

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