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Perrie Edwards Shared A Photo Of Her Scar And People Are Inspired

While everyone's busy being ~outraged~ over the band's outfits, they're missing that Perrie may have started a body confidence movement.

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Little Mix have always been advocates of body confidence and positivity.

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Jesy once summed this up in her answer about the scrutiny surrounding their bodies:

We like to eat food and so does everybody else. If we put on weight we put on weight, and if we lose weight, we lose weight. Everybody has this preconception that you're supposed to be perfect looking, but nobody is perfect.

However, in recent years they've also faced a barrage of criticism over their "revealing" outfits – the most recent instance was last night, at the One Love Manchester concert.

Getty Images / Dave Hogan for One Love Manchest

But while people are busy being ~outraged~, they're overlooking the way that Little Mix's clothing choices are actually helping their fans.


When Perrie posted this photograph of herself over the weekend, fans were quick to notice something.

In the image, the scar on Perrie's stomach was clearly visible.

everyone is asking me about perrie's stomach scar 🌚

In the past, Perrie has revealed that the scar is her biggest insecurity, and she prefers to keep it covered.

She told Now magazine:

My [biggest body-hang up] is my scar on my stomach. When I was little, my oesophagus was too small, so I had to get it operated on to help me eat properly. I had to have lots of operations, so that's why I don't want to show it.

So fans took the photo as a sign that Perrie is becoming more confident – and they were thrilled.

So proud of you Perrie @LittleMix for being confident in your body and not be afraid of what people can think of yo…

i know it's soppy but i love when perrie posts pictures of her showing her scar because of how insecure she used to…

a precious detail in perrie is her scar, she learned to accept it and show it without problem proud of my baby

it makes me so happy that perrie is now so confident w her scar, her body is so beautiful

And it soon became clear that Perrie's decision to bare her scar had given fans the confidence to embrace their own.

Perrie Edwards showin off her stomach scar acc makes me feel loads better about all of mine! From my chemo port to my bowel removal scars😊

@LittleMix Not so long ago i was feeling so low and bad about it i was looking for ways to remove it, i felt ashame…

Perrie(little mix) has given me motivation to show off my scar on my stomach like she does. Always so insecure about it but I shouldn't be😫

And, in a show of solidarity, many of them shared pictures of their scars too.

Thank you @LittleMix Perrie for making me comfortable and confident enough to show off my scar. You have no idea ho…

A HUGE THANK YOU PERRIE @LittleMix for making me comfortable enough to show off my scar on my stomach. ✌🏼 ❤

@LittleMix Thanks to perrie my 8year old goddaughter wanted to show of her life saving scars like her idol 💝…

And the whole thing led to people making this valid point.

I'm so tired of seeing people slut shame little mix for showing some skin when in reality they're inspiring younger…

Never change, Little Mix, you inspirational goddesses.