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16 Struggles For People Who Cry About Everything

And if not, tag that one friend you have that barely needs an excuse to burst into tears.

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1. Every time you fight with someone you can never express what you want to say through your sobs and tears.


On the inside, you've got your whole argument figured out, but on the outside there's only rivers of tears.

4. When something bad happens to your favorite characters in TV shows and movies, it's a complete crisis.


10% of your tears are for your own problems. The other 90% is for things that happen in shows and movies.


10. Going to the movies for a first date is always a terrible idea.


Going to eat wings? Nooo. That's no big deal. The worst date for you is the movies, because you know that at any moment you'll start crying disconsolately.

12. If you wear makeup, you know that you always have to use the water resistant stuff.

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Because you never know when you're going to end up looking like a raccoon at the slightest provocation.


16. And most of the time, you can't even remember why you started crying in the first place.

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After an hour of weeping, you suddenly come to your senses and ask yourself: "what was I supposed to be crying about?"

This post was translated from Spanish.