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This Teen Bought An Innocent Choker And Was Surprised With A “Hoelesss” One

"Don't forget that extra 's'."

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But when it arrived it looked... a little different.

@halsey hi i ordered your hopeless choker and it says hoelesss i want to Die

"I didn't even notice that the necklace was spelled wrong at first, since it's so dainty and the font is so different," Sky told BuzzFeed. "I had taken pictures in it and then when I looked back at them to send them to my friends I was like: '???? THAT SAYS HOELESSS.'"

People on Twitter were really into this new and improved choker.

@angeIuses @tearsfor2 @halsey It's even better like this tho u got lucky


@angeIuses @kitttenqueen @halsey This is even better than the original

Though she says she won't wear the necklace, she'll definitely hold on to it.


"So many people have asked to buy it from me or asked for me to send it to them. I just wanna keep it because it was my moment as a meme!"