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Here's Why "The Incredibles" Is The Best Pixar Movie, Don't @ Me

It's time to give this movie the credit it deserves.

So, you know Pixar. I'm sure you love Pixar. We all love Pixar, despite the fact that every time we sit down in front of one of their movies, they tear out our hearts without even a hint of empathy.

You probably have a favourite Pixar movie. Toy Story, I'm sure, is high on your list. Maybe you're partial to Finding Nemo. But I'm here to tell you that you are WRONG.

Because the best Pixar movie is, WITHOUT QUESTION, The Incredibles. And it has been slept on for 13 damn years.

First off, let's get the obvious out of the way: This movie gave us one of the most damn iconic scenes (and memes) of all time.

Sidenote: Having Samuel L Jackson voice the best friend character is a stroke of genius the likes of which none of us will ever experience.

People don't give this movie enough credit. Not only is it entertaining AF, it's also extremely clever – even the tiniest details are planned out to a T.

And the characters are great. Elastigirl shows young girls that they can GET SHIT DONE without the help of boys, which is always an important lesson for a kids' movie.

Seriously – the characters in this movie are the definition of I C O N I C. I mean, The Incredibles gifted us with Edna Mode. We have so much to be thankful for.

Not only does Edna understand the importance of being fabulous...

But she knows what she likes, and she knows exactly how to get it.

Guys, The Incredibles has a seriously great villain, and not only is his evil plan complex and full of ~plot twists~, but we also get to see HIS ORIGIN STORY.

And as well as having a super rewarding plot, it's also just really funny.

But most of all, it's a movie about ❤️ family ❤️ – it's just a family that happen to all have superpowers.

(Seriously – what teenage girl ~hasn't~ had an argument like this with her mother?)

It's also just an insanely beautiful movie.

And the animation is seriously on point.

But the BEST PART? We only have a year to wait for the sequel.