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What Movie Quote Gives You The Optimism You Need When Things Are Going To Shit?

Having a bad day and need cheering up? Which quotes give you the escapism you need from real life?

We've all had those days/weeks/years when things just seem to be going totally to shit.

Especially at the moment, let's be honest. We ALL need some escapism.

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Sometimes we just need a good movie quote in our lives to boost our optimism once more.

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And if things are a bit gloomy then you'll live for a quote to cheer you up.

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Maybe you have a favourite scene in a film that gives you hope and a smile immediately.

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Maybe it's an animated movie that has the most profound quotes on life.

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It can be simple or complex. Whatever it is that makes you forget real life when you need to.

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Which movie quote makes you feel optimistic when world events are getting you down? Tell us in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!