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    21 Times Scots Hilariously Ripped The Fucking Piss Out Of Everyone

    We are officially a nation of cheeky c*nts.

    1. When a Scottish cameraman chose to position Jeremy Clarkson like this.

    BBC / BuzzFeed

    2. When this Celtic supporter opened his garden to the masses.

    3. When Frankie Boyle didn't mince his words.

    4. When this phone thief decided to be extra cheeky.

    Twitter: @Scottish_Tweets

    5. When Paul trolled his ex and Tesco at the same time.

    Twitter: @pjjjjb


    6. When Sam decided to teach this guy "Scottish".

    Twitter: @yungbean19

    "Right, so over here, home cooked food is very important, and we call it minge. Home cooked food = minge."

    7. When Darren ruined his cousin's birthday.

    Twitter: @DarrenLaw712

    8. When this guy took the joke wayyyyy too far.

    Twitter: @Stevengray1234

    9. When this girl's gran didn't pull her punches.

    10. When Kyle's mum was extremely unhelpful.

    11. When Curtis was clearly determined to piss off his maw.

    12. When these guys took their costumes too literally.

    Scotsman / BuzzFeed

    13. When the citizens of Troon rose up to troll Alison.

    14. When Billy Connolly wasn't afraid to be cheeky about his home town (because he's allowed to, basically).

    BBC / BuzzFeed

    15. When this guy couldn't resist making a dad joke.

    Twitter: @Scottish_Tweets


    16. When Andy Murray didn't have time for daft questions.

    17. When Darren "burned" Greggs.

    Facebook: GreggsOfficial

    18. When this mum trolled all the neighbourhood kids at once.

    Twitter: @Jasonnclark

    19. When Scud came to regret his joke about a Mars bar.

    20. And when James regretted asking his pal for a loan.

    21. And, of course, when the Sunday Herald decided to troll the fuck out of Donald "President Elect" Trump.

    Twitter: @Scottwrynn

    *Wipes away a tear of patriotic pride*

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