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Here's What "The Bachelorette" Contestants Look Like

According to Twitter!

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1. Dean = Jesse McCartney


2. Or Z from Antz

@dean_unglert in #TheBachelorette is cute but why is my first thought that he looks like Z from Antz??

3. Kenny = The Thing from Fantastic Four

Kenny getting a jump on his audition for the reboot of the #FantasticFour. #TheBachelorette

4. Peter = Bucky Barnes/Sebastian Stan in general

5. Eric = Oscar from Shark Tale

Eric is Oscar from Shark Tale and you can't convince me otherwise #TheBachelorette

6. Lucas = Crash Bandicoot

Whaboom man looks like Crash Bandicoot don't @ me #TheBachelorette

7. Or Sheen from Jimmy Neutron

I've been trying to figure out why Lucas looked so familiar #TheBachelorette #EquallyAnnoying

8. And speaking of, Lee = Jimmy Neutron

Lee is out here rocking Jimmy Neutron hair, and I am truly weak #TheBachelorette

A closer look:


9. Anthony = Handsome Squidward

Anthony from #TheBachelorette is handsome squidward don't @ me

10. Jack Stone = Robbie Rotten from LazyTown

jack stone looks like robbie rotten #TheBachelorette

11. Blake = "White guy blinking meme"

Omg doesn't Blake look like this meme though. #TheBachelorette

For reference:


12. Bryce = A Goomba

OK but Bryce low-key looks like a Goomba #TheBachelorette

13. Jonathan = Andy or Ollie from Bob's Burgers

Tickle dude legit looks like a combination of Andy and Ollie from Bob's Burgers #TheBachelorette

A side by side:


14. Alex = Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

Love Alex very much but can't stop seeing his doppelgänger, Gaston #TheBachelorette

15. And Brady = offspring of Niall Horan and Scott Eastwood

brady looks like niall horan and scott eastwood had a baby #TheBachelorette

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