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Here's Why I Could Never, Ever Be A Nurse

Poop, 18-hour shifts, and doctors' handwriting: It's literally the toughest job on Earth.

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2. And touch it too. Not to mention various other fluids.

"Is this gloopy stuff bile, vomit, spunk, or canteen custard? Can't tell."


4. Being around sick people means they get sick too.


Flu season = kryptonite for nurses.

5. They don't get paid nearly enough for the job they do.

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Especially given all the poop they have to deal with.


9. And because they're always on their feet, they have to buy expensive shoes that look like this:

Twitter: @zoe_blackstone

Apparently you can put a price on comfort, and that price is £120 for something that looks like it came from a branch of Frankenstein's Foot Locker.

10. Plus, in all that time they barely get a single break.

Instagram: @nurseabnormalities

*Picks up sandwich* *Lifts it to mouth* *Patient starts to code* *Drops sandwich*


15. They have to deal with some seriously misguided people...

It must be so hard not to roll your eyes when a frat pledge comes in after trying and failing to ride a shopping trolley down a sloping roof. While drunk.


16. ...who often think they know way more than nurses.


This is mainly thanks to a combination of googling their symptoms, and thinking nurses are somehow less knowledgeable than doctors. Which isn't the case.


22. And TBH, I know I'm not tough enough to do it.

Thank goodness there are some people who are.