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23 Powerful Photos From The #NotInMyName Protests Around The World

Indians gathered in cities across the globe to question the government's silence after a series of killings in recent months.

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India has seen a rise in violent attacks on minorities in the recent months. A number of people have been beaten up and killed by mobs over suspicions of killing cows or eating beef.

Did you look away? Did you look & argue What, If & But? Did you look & not feel sick in your stomach? There is NO o…

Just last week, a 15-year-old Muslim boy, Junaid Khan, was stabbed to death in Haryana by a mob who allegedly called him a beef eater.

A nationwide protest was called for earlier this week by independent filmmaker and author Saba Dewan, urging people to stand against the ongoing attacks on Muslims and Dalits.

The event was organised under the title "Not In My Name" in cities across India and the world.

And today, thousands of Indians from more than a dozen cities gathered to condemn and question the silence of the government over the killings.



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