Lindsay Lohan Just Asked Emma Stone To Do "Mean Girls 2" With Her

    10/10 WOULD WATCH.

    So Lindsay Lohan turns 31 this weekend, and last night she took to Twitter with a very special ~birthday wish~:

    My birthday #trump tweet - Emma stone.. can we film a movie called "Mean girls 2" together? I…

    For the record, Emma Stone, I'M ASKING FOR THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY, TOO.

    Lindsay followed up her request with an Instagram showing how the two ginger ladies kinda look alike. That post has since been deleted, but, well, here's a screenshot for you to print, frame, and put on your mantle ASAP:

    So, just to recap, here's Lindsay's film pitch, in its entirety:

    "Emma stone.. can we film a movie called "Mean girls 2" together? I think we would be friends. It would be #sofetch #wearpink #SickNote"

    Now, it goes without saying that a Mean Girls 2 starring Lindsay and Emma would singlehandedly save American cinema, and it must happen immediately. But still, I do have some questions for ya, Lindz.

    First of all, will Mean Girls 2 be a sequel to Mean Girls? The wording of your pitch is rather intriguing: "Can we film a movie called 'Mean Girls 2' together?" Are you open to the possibility of filming literally any movie together, and just titling it Mean Girls 2 no matter what it's about?

    Second of all, are you casting Emma Stone in this movie simply because of your physical resemblance? If so, why? Are you suggesting that Cady Heron has a twin that she never knew about?

    If so, are you aware that you already made that movie in 1998, and that you played both parts? Are you sure you aren't suggesting a Parent Trap 2?

    Third of all, did you forget that they already made a Mean Girls 2? If you did forget this, do you have any suggestions for how the rest of America can forget about it, too?

    Fourth of all, does this mean you finally learned wtf Emma Stone is???

    And lastly, will you be inviting any other Mean Girls stars onto this project? I'm sure Rachel McAdams would appreciate the gesture.

    Whatever. Emma Stone, just sign on the dotted line and work out the deets with LiLo later. It's her freaking BIRTHDAY, after all.