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Jennifer Lawrence Dragged The Shit Out Of A Paparazzo Because He Touched Her Dog

" fucking loser!"

JENNIFER LAWRENCE. No intro needed whatsoever.

Well, on Tuesday, TMZ posted this video of J. Law at LAX airport, shot by one of the site's staffers.

Guess what happens when you try to touch Jennifer Lawrence's dog! #TMZ

Jen has been through a lot lately. She literally almost died when her plane had to make an emergency landing. In other words, she wasn't really in the mood to chat it up with TMZ.

The pap said he kept asking questions — which Jen didn't answer. Then he noticed her dog, Pippi.

So he decided it was a good idea to pet Pippi.

Jen was not having it. She picked up Pippi...

...and then delivered this iconic line:

"Don't touch my dog, you fucking loser!"

Literally though, if it's one thing you don't mess with — it's someone's dog.

*slow claps for Jen and Pippi*