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What TV And Film Characters Do You Identify With As An Asexual Person?

Even if canon ace characters are few and far between, who do you relate to?

Representation of non-stereotypical and fully fleshed out LGBT characters on television and in film can still be a challenge to find these days — and it's even harder to find if you identify as asexual.


And while canon ace characters might be few and far between — OK, pretty nonexistent — there are a lot of characters people still identify with or read as ace.


Love you, Lemon.

For example, Sherlock has long been a fan favorite.


And a lot of fans (and Cole Sprouse himself) were rooting for the CW's Riverdale to include a coming out storyline for Jughead Jones:


People had plenty of opinions on that kiss with Betty.

What characters from film or television have you found yourself relating to as a person on the asexual spectrum? We want to know!


Tell us a little about the character (or characters) you love for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed LGBT post.


Did this particular character help you come to terms with your own sexuality? What would you say to people who think representation onscreen isn't ~a big deal~? And what sort of characters do you want to see more of?

Do you have an example of bad representation? Tell us about that, too.

The more detailed your response, the greater the chance you will be featured — sound off in the comments below.