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    20 Cheap Ways To Keep Your Kids Occupied This Summer Rain Or Shine

    Rain, rain do whatever you want cuz we're having fun no matter what.

    1. Turn a box into a skee ball ramp.

    2. Blend crackers in a food processor for a mini-sandbox that's baby-friendly.

    3. Grab a couple of fly swatters from the dollar store for a game of balloon tennis.

    4. Create a scavenger hunt that requires literally no effort.

    5. Turn watercolor palettes and water balloons into target practice.

    6. String up cups for a little playful competition.

    7. Take "Go Fish" up a knotch.

    8. Dye shaving cream for the messiest, most colorful, most fun game of Twister ever.

    9. Turn a shoebox into a marble roll.

    10. Glue toilet paper rolls to a box for a quiet maze game.

    11. Tape down a landing strip for their paper airplanes.

    12. Hide Legos around the house for a game that will keep them busy for hours.

    13. Turn UNO into a movement game.

    14. Wrangle up 12 buckets for a game of bucket ball.

    15. Pass a balloon around with questions written on it to help two new friends get to know each other.

    16. Draw a grid to reboot an old classic: Four Square!

    17. Play connect the dots with toothpicks.

    18. Make a ring toss out of plastic bottles.

    19. Make a giant dice out of a box and set up a human board game.

    20. Set up an obstacle course with whatever you have.