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27 Incredibly Stunning Moments Caught On Camera During Childbirth

The human body is just amazing.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their most incredible birth photos. We were blown away by the results...



"My first born. Her little heart was in distress, so we had to get her out fast. With not enough time for a C-section, we opted for use of a vacuum. It helped ease her head out and I was able to push her the rest of the way. She is a perfect three-year-old now. Life is beautiful."



Vicky Bowley / Via Facebook

"This was taken after they woke me up to meet my daughter and before they knocked me back out again. I don't even remember this, but I am glad I have the picture."

—Vicky Bowley, Facebook



Jennifer Lary Salome / Via Facebook

"I love this photo of our oldest looking at her new brother. The first thing our oldest said was, 'Oh my goodness, mommy, he's so dirty!'"

—Jennifer Lary Salome, Facebook


"This photo was taken shortly after giving birth to my first son whose gender was a surprise. Not in the delivery room because we were blessed with a successful home birth (after two hospital births). This was the strongest, most feminine I have ever felt in my life!"




Jameelee Skidmore / Via Facebook

"This is where my water broke (as you can see the wet spot on my gown). We had this relaxing plan where he would lightly mist me in the face with lavender water when things got intense ... yeah, this is also where I tell him to shove that lavender mist you-know-where or I was going to rip his arm off."

—Jameelee Skidmore, Facebook

23. / Via

"My sister-in-law is a photographer and we invited her to be in the delivery room when our son was born so she could do some birth photography. She captured this amazing photo of my husband overcome with joy as our son took his first breaths. I'm so grateful to have this photo to look back on because it was such an amazing moment in real time."

adonabella / Diana Bellack Photography



"I died laughing at this picture. The look on my face says, 'What the 'F' just happened?!' and the look on my son's face is 'b*tch I do what I want!' I barely made it to the hospital, he was born within five minutes of me getting there. Most women get these beautiful natural childbirth photos, but I got this!"



"Everyone was taking pictures of me and then I realized how wonderful my view was. Surrounded by my husband, family, and friends, she was born 30 minutes later. The nurses said they could hear the cheers all the way down the hallway!!"


Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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