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People Are Freaking Out Because This Mystery Man Might Be Why Rihanna And Naomi Campbell Are Feuding

This tea is delicious!

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ICYMI, Rihanna has a new man. And when I say man, I mean a MAN. (I know this is annoying but photo rights suck and I don't want to get sued so if you want to see the pics just click here. SORRY.)

Rihanna got thick, got a new hit song, got a new man.

Like, you GO girl!

Me after seeing these new pics of Rihanna and her new man

Even though the Navy is STILL trying to figure out his identity.

Me trying to figure out who Rihanna's new man is

However, it seems like there might be more to this story than meets the eye. As Twitter user @drugproblem points out, it LOOKS like Rihanna's man *MIGHT* be Naomi Campbell's ex — or at least someone the legendary model has cozied up to in the past. AGAIN, SO I DON'T GET SUED, you can see pics of them BOTH with the mystery man here.


...and even appeared in a Balmain spread for W magazine together.

3 Bad Balmain Bitche$ #BlackBeauty #3Generations #LEGENDS #BALMAIN @Wmag @Edward_Enninful

Plus, RiRi TOTALLY fangirled when Naomi appeared in Vogue Italia in some of her Fenty Puma gear:

Instagram: @badgalriri

But there appeared to be trouble in paradise earlier this year. They unfollowed each other on social media (the surest sign of a celeb feud in 2017), and Naomi gave a super-shady interview regarding their relationship to Andy Cohen in March, although she said there's no "beef" between the two stars.

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Like, this is some JUICY intel:

Stan twitter have already identified Rihanna's new hookup as Naomi's ex-hookup but the FBI can't figure out the Russia hack

And they want to know if this man is worth the potential beef:

This dude better be the richest Spanish person ever and own some islands for Naomi and Rihanna to fall out over. Girl.....